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AGRU is a renowned supplier of high-quality plastic products that that includes fittings, pipes, industrial piping systems and concrete protection. They have been so successful they have expanded to include four new distribution centres across Australia. They provide full technical support from the design phase through to manufacturing. AGRU have been a trusted brand within the environmental, chemical, mining, and agricultural industries for over 30 years.




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The marketing team at AGRU Australia are savvy and knew their site from 2017 was outdated and not device responsive. They wanted to bring the site to life as it was not reflective of their current offerings, and it failed to showcase their most important content and products.

As a big player in the plastics industry arena, they were a brand people knew, their goal of undertaking Star Digital to revolutionise their website was to present AGRU’s current clientele and prospects with a brand they not only knew but could trust.

They had aspirations of a site that was easy to navigate and allowed users to efficiently search within a specific product range or industry without the truncated design they previously had. Including a corporate video with downloadable brochures outlining critically important information and measurements were important to showcase for varying user personas.

Their goal was to strengthen user experience and keep users on the site while building leads, increasing sales, and finally AGRU’s digital presence to increase over time.


Our approach of transforming the AGRU site required extensive planning and care. Each step we took during the design and development process was planned and executed with sharp precision.

Our Star developers worked closely with the AGRU team and external companies for a seamless integration of business process management software into the Website.

Consumer marketing principles are at the forefront with the Star Design and Development team, we believe in the methodology of ‘3-7 second’s rule’, that representation of trust and authority will be judged subconsciously within this time. Success comes from identifying and taking advantage of specific opportunities to help move toward your business goals. We endeavoured to create a dynamic and timeless design that aligned with AGRU’s vision whilst serving their customer the best way possible.

With new informational pages, colour schemes and contrasts and introducing a sticky header with ever present easy contact elements the AGRU website is state-of-the-art across all devices. We combined colour and negative space to break up the sections of the website we wanted users to focus on, this way they can find and consume the information they required a quickly as possible.


The impact of the launch was felt immediately, our client loved it, their clients loved it and the search engines loved it. With a newly developed structure, the websites journey now incorporates much more of a flow through of the main focus points of the AGRU home page to better reflect the brand and help users navigate effortlessly to their desired categories.

The science behind conversion tells the true story of ROI, who better than Star Digital Marketing to create a memorable digital experience for your users.
With branding, enquiries, sales, and digital presence increasing, Star Digital are proud to be a part of AGRU and keeping with the brands story.





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