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Established in 1980 by Scott Watson, Aussie Catering Company has witnessed a multitude of changes in the Catering Industry over the past 28 years. Growing from strength to strength and an ever-increasing client base prompted a move to new larger premises; therefore in 1988 Scott Watson designed and built the Catering Complex now home to Aussie Catering.

Their vast range of menu selections are designed to impress the most discerning guests, prepared utilising the freshest of produce, innovative menu items and ingredients sourced from leading suppliers and serviced by their friendly, uniformed and trained Chefs, Food Service and Beverage Service Staff.




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Aussie Catering has always been on the cutting edge of innovation. They wanted to show off their services in a way that would be both engaging and informative for potential clients, they want to enhance their website in order to satisfy clients. They realised that enhancing their entire digital experience would help them better tailor their current marketing efforts. The project’s main aim was to get the proper message to the right audience, as their unique selling proposition and value propositions were being overlooked. The old website of Aussie Catering was out-of-date, uninteresting and failed to align visual components with the company’s values. To improve this situation they turned towards Star Digital Marketing which helped them create a new message that is delivered in line with their brand identity by making it more engaging, but not just any kind either; It needed special attention given how crucial its content is relative to both industry experts and what value propositions are offered by way of products/services. They wanted to make the website more accessible and more user-friendly so that users could easily navigate a particular service.


With a new user experience and appearance, we needed to start telling the story of our company in an engaging way. That would be in direct contradiction to our distinct method. We noticed that the old site was not providing enough information about what services they offer. They also had an old design which did nothing for user perception of the brand. With this new website, we are able to provide more details on all services while still maintaining a clean look – so customers will easily be able to explore every aspect from start to finish without being overwhelmed by too much info at once or having difficulty following along due solely because there were no breaks within the text as well as graphics everywhere throughout each page. With a new website, we were able to create an informative and stylish menu with pictures. They offer a wide range of services that may be viewed on the site’s homepage, as well as a brief description of what they do. We knew that in order for the site to be successful, we needed to make sure that everyone could view it on as many devices as possible. The current traffic and improved conversion rates were more important than any potential negative effects on response or aesthetics. With a firm understanding of the site’s data and analytics statistics, all design decisions were based on real facts rather than sentiments. The landing pages, product information, and descriptions were created to satisfy the needs of consumers. With a product drop-down menu, Star Digital was able to develop the content messaging strategy and aesthetically pleasing design for their website. They did this by using modern device responsive programming techniques on WordPress so it would be easy enough that customers can navigate through all of its features with no problem.


Star Digital was chosen by Aussie Catering Melbourne to help them create a website that would bring in more customers and increase the amount of organic search exposure for their business. Using our expertise, they were able not only to maintain but also to grow conversion rates with this new site! As Star Digital is the go-to marketing company for Aussie Catering Melbourne, our team has taken care to ensure all Search Engine expectations and demands are met by site structure. The user interface was designed in order to provide an excellent digital experience that will help users find what they need quickly on the website.





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