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Craig Francis music are a professional live wedding band in Melbourne that provide live music services for corporate events, functions, and birthdays. They also provide live entertainers, DJs, and MC services to create an vibrant entertaining atmosphere.

They boast some of Melbourne’s best musicians and tailor the live music to your preference to make your wedding reception or event, the best it can be. This team is smooth, stylish professional and guaranteed to make your night one to remember.





As a live wedding band in Melbourne, the Craig Francis Music website had to be aesthetically pleasing as well as visually interactive. The websites main priority is to immediately attract attention and engage the user to sell the character and quality of the live performers before the customer has had a chance to listen to them.

The Craig Francis music website was lacking in certain colour contrasts and user navigation and wasn’t exactly selling the dream. The content placement and messaging were not immediately matching the concept behind the message, most users do a quick scan of a website, a lot of people were visiting the website however Craig was concerned the website was not resonating or exuding the value of how good the Craig Francis Music live performers are.


Our approach was to immerse ourselves into the user persona of looking and deciding on a wedding band to perform at a wedding. What were the motivations and needs to make a purchasing decision?

The first representation or judgement if you like, of a live wedding bands website is the initial 3 to 7 seconds. In that time a user must develop trust, see the business as an authority, coupled with social acceptance and proof, this is the biggest day of our life remember, careful placement of content, videos of live performances are sure to be a hit, who doesn’t want to try before they buy.

We sought to create and convey the message of the importance of hiring a punctual, professional, quality live wedding band as well as selling the performers themselves and inviting users to view live performances.

The website had to be dynamic and capture attention through enhanced user engagement, and we wanted to remove as much clutter and distraction as possible. Organising the elements in terms of importance, highlighting and showcasing important aspects and focusing attention where we wanted it were vital.

We incorporated a warm inviting gold colour contrast throughout the website as psychologically it evokes feelings of sophistication, elegance, style, professionalism and success, all key attributes of the Craig Francis Music team.

This was a dramatic change from the previous white heavy website. Although we were conscience not to be too heavy or aggressive with the colour schemes, we achieved a subtle flow of change to space and separated certain elements to give visual breathing room.


Star Digital Marketing not only delivered a creative, captivating, visually scrumptious website but optimised the user experience and created a more positive impression across all viewing devices.

The direct response has been an increase in conversion rates and ROI and as projected the live video views. We know that visual content is consumed a lot quicker than text and what better website to translate visual and audio content than Craig Francis Music live wedding band site.

We had a lot of fun creating this stunning website and working with the Craig Francis Music team.





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