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The Dandenong Gate Company provides custom made steel and aluminium gates and fences to the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors, they have a wealth of over 40 years of experience in manufacturing and installing. They also offer automatic gates and security fencing. They are a family operated business and are a one-stop-shop for all steel and aluminium gate and fencing needs.




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The Dandenong Gate Co. approached us to collaborate on developing a new website to function better and deliver a more aesthetic look and feel compared to their current website. Their website was built many years ago and had not been updated since development, it was built on a basic template that lacked any real substance.

They were concerned the representation of their current website was missing the mark in terms of the capability and expertise that they have in the industry. They knew not having a mobile responsive website was damaging, and that they risked an entire market because of this.

Their content was thin and lacked proper hierarchy of information and this was part of their motivation to develop a new website so they could get the best possible results. It was important for them to provide their customers with confidence and trust and deliver an overall great experience.


When the Dandenong Gate Co. and Star Digital Marketing partner together we decided not to focus just on cosmetic wins but look toward creating a website that would be future safe, and strive towards long term growth, whilst having the ability for changes to be made via am easy to use CMS.

As we had identified our target market and ideal buyer types, we could focus our marketing efforts with precision and begin to engage more positively without potential clients. We went about improving loading speeds throughout the site and optimising the website for mobile search as this is of paramount importance. We began devising and creating useful and informative content for different personas groups to help them consume, understand, and solve the questions they had.

A professional looking website that performed well was one of the underlying goals that was ultimately hit. We ensured clean coding, easy contact, and reduced the navigational menu target pages to deliver potential clients to the appropriate sector efficiently. Showcasing the image assets through a gallery and our projects has helped increase trust levels through previous work and experience.


The Dandenong Gate Company has absolutely benefited from the new website launch. Their website looks much more professional and highlights their unique selling points in an extremely positive way, this helps secure authority and trust in the buyer’s mind. Since the launch of the site, they have been receiving significantly more enquiries and leads through the site being device responsive as well as the Click-to-call functionality.

Understanding your customers and the way they search, and purchase goes a long way to ensuring your company is getting the business it deserves. This was another successful site deployed by the Star Digital Marketing conversion factory team to pass on rewards to another happy client.





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