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A destination for repairs and maintenance services of all diesel-fuelled heavy machinery. They are a leading diesel mechanic in Melbourne and specialise in providing top quality diesel engine repair, diesel truck repair and generator repair services. They also provide comprehensive diesel engine reconditioning. Melbourne drivers and heavy vehicle operators looking to get back to work can count on Diesel Mechanics Australia.





Diesel Mechanics Australia wanted to show off their services in the most effective way possible.

They understood that improving their overall digital experience would also help them optimise their current marketing efforts. Getting the appropriate message to the right audience was a major priority for the project since their unique selling proposition and value propositions were being overlooked.

Unfortunately, as so often happens, the message’s concept differs from that which is delivered. Diesel Mechanics Australia turned to Star Digital Marketing because they knew their website was out of date, uninteresting, and failed to align visual components with the company’s value propositions and industry expertise.

They wanted to make the website easier and more user-friendly so that users could easily navigate a particular service.


We needed to start telling a narrative, and with a new user experience and appearance, not just relying on the old template. That would be at odds with our unique approach. We take pleasure in developing and creating a one-of-a-kind website, delivering a distinct message, and expanding internet brand visibility. The old site lacked information in its service, and the design had no effect on users’ perceptions.

We wanted to redesign the website, create a menu, and add some information and a service photograph. The quickest first-time website visitors perform a ‘risk vs benefit’ calculation in a few seconds, so focusing on Diesel Mechanics Australia’s business distinctions and value propositions may help to persuade them to become a client.

We knew that we had to ensure optimal viewing across all different devices if the site was going to be successful. The current traffic and increased conversion rates were more important than any negative impacts on responsiveness or aesthetics, so it became critical for us as designers of this website template to make sure it can view content easily no matter what device someone comes from.

With a thorough grasp of the site’s data and analytics metrics, all design choices were based on real facts rather than opinions. The landing pages, product information and descriptions were designed to meet the demands of customers.

A product drop-down menu was used by Star Digital to develop the content messaging strategy and visually attractive design. Star Digital developed the website with modern device responsive programming techniques on a WordPress CMS to make sure that it is aesthetically pleasing and easy for customers to navigate through.


Star Digital was chosen by Diesel Mechanics Australia to create an exciting and one-of-a-kind website. After a successful debut, organic search exposure and visibility, as well as increased conversion rates, were maintained.

As Star Digital is the strategic marketing partner for Diesel Mechanics Australia, our team ensured all Search Engine expectations and demands were followed by site structure. The user interface was designed with care in order to provide an excellent digital experience that would help users find what they need quickly on the website.





This Website is Designed to Fit Perfectly on Every Device.


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