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East Gippsland Cranes is a family-run business offering safe, competitive and reliable services with over 30 years within the crane hire industry. Delivering our clients, the very best results, going above and beyond expectations. We provide lifting solutions tailored to your needs and requirements, delivering a top service every time.

At East Gippsland Cranes, we provide a range of machines and services for your lifting requirements. From Steelwork like roofing and sheds to Civil Construction, Construction site work or any general crane hire. You can trust in us to get the job done right.

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East Gippsland Cranes has always had a simple goal to provide the best possible platform for its clients. They understand that presenting your solution on an impressive stage can make all of those hours worth it!

To improve its sales, the company wanted to communicate with a target audience in order to build loyalty. To do this they created an improved digital experience that would resonate better than ever before so people could be more interested and engaged which ultimately leads to conversions. The company’s main value proposition and distinctive selling point were being neglected.

East Gippsland Cranes was looking for help from Star Digital Marketing to modernise their website and make it more engaging. The company wanted visitors to feel as though they were at the heart of things, with all important information easily accessible on one page so that nothing gets left out or forgotten about in such a vast area covered by this business’ internet presence. They wanted to add some flair to the website and make it more user-friendly, as well as make certain that specific services were simpler to find.


We enjoy developing and building a one-of-a-kind website, promoting a distinctive message, and increasing our online brand exposure. We wanted the colour scheme to be consistent across the site, but with more contrast. When a potential consumer first visits your website, he or she will make an immediate risk vs. reward assessment.

East Gippsland Cranes is a business with an excellent understanding of its market and they know how best to emphasise what makes them different from other companies in this industry. They could be leading potential customers down the path toward becoming loyal clients!

As the majority of site visitors were using a smartphone, it was critical to making sure that all devices could view the material properly in order to capitalise on current traffic and boost conversions and purchases.

The design choices made for your website are not just personal preferences. They’re based on real data that was collected specifically to meet the demands and desires of clients. To fulfil their needs and wants, the landing page, product information, and descriptions were developed with the customer in mind.

In order to develop a content messaging strategy and design for their product dropdown menu, Star Digital used an engaging visual appeal. We put photographs of the items on the site to provide a more attractive appearance and to promote the completed product. The website was created with WordPress CMS.


East Gippsland Cranes is proud to present its new website. The team at Star Digital was entrusted with the creation of an exciting and unique design for this project, which resulted in organic search traffic being maintained as well increased conversion rates after its successful debut.

With East Gippsland Cranes as our primary digital marketing partner, our campaign strategists made sure that all Search Engine expectations and demands were met with site structure and user experience. Of course, we took care of the user’s online experience.





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