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LoadMaxx Australia are a premium manufacturing company that specialises in functional, load bearing aluminium trailers. They have over 10 years of experience in the industry and are known for their durable 100% Australian made products. Their high-quality tradesman, box, cage, car, and plant trailers are purchased Australia wide. LoadMaxx Australia custom builds their trailers on-site in Melbourne according to the client’s workload and specifications required.




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The LoadMaxx team wanted to create a website they could be proud of, they wanted to create a website that was easier for their consumers to find exactly what they were looking for in a more structured way. They believed their website was too busy and their analytic data showed they lacked any real user engagement. Nothing was captivating and jumped off the page to help conversions.

They were hoping to design and develop a website that outlined their points of difference in the market, as well as prominent call-to-actions. Once the Loadmaxx team have a discussion with a prospect about their requirements, the experience and knowledge Loadmaxx possess helps the consumer and heightens the purchase opportunity.

Showcasing their product range was extremely important to the success of the new website as they had numerous digital assets and imagery, they wanted to introduce these into the site but were incapable of doing so on their old website. A fully device responsive site was needed to future proof this website as well as cater for the users searching on a mobile device.


Executing a new, modern design for the LoadMaxx team required an audit of their current site from the ground up. Identifying the missed opportunities throughout each page gave us insight into exactly how to structure the new website. With new technologies introduced to increase the loading speeds and ensuring the backend coding was clean, as well as making sure the site was secure, a major overhaul from the previous website to the new was necessary to have the impact we wanted.

LoadMaxx had thin content within the pages of the site, our copy writers got to work to include more useful information. For some reason the previous design and development company utilised a black navigation header that didn’t fall in with the parameters of the branding and looked completely out of place. For a new, modern, aesthetically pleasing site, we decided to go with a clean, white, sticky navigation menu, incorporating the brandings blue and orange to highlight the email address and phone number for easy conversion.

The site was not conveying the capabilities and experience that the company has. Creating a bolder website that increased trust was something the LoadMaxx team wanted to focus on as they believe they were losing sales because their website was not a true representation of their business.

A big focus for the project was outlining their points of difference, we incorporated their USP’s in its own section, so their value propositions were not being overlooked.


Star Digital developed this device responsive website on a WordPress CMS, the visually appealing design utilised a drop-down menu for easy product range selection. We strategically separated segments throughout the site to direct the visitors eye to important aspects of LoadMaxx Australia’s value propositions.

The teams’ capabilities are more easily digested now with the launch of the new site, no attention to detail was spared and has resulted in a true representation of how LoadMaxx manufacture their trailers.
Trust level have increased with the new look and feel, backed by relevant content, and coupled with easy call-to-action elements, LoadMaxx have enjoyed a significant increase in conversions and sales since the new website was launched.





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