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At Melbourne Naturopathy, Naturopathic physician Linda Cotone employs the healing powers of nature and mild therapeutic approaches to assist people to regain control of their health and well-being. Linda will assist them in healing their body, mind, and emotions during the process by treating not just symptoms but also the sickness itself. Consultations are one-on-one and customized to meet the unique requirements of each patient, with treatments tailored to help them attain their greatest health and feel fantastic.




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Melbourne Naturopathy wanted to provide its clients with the most effective solutions possible in order to promote them.

In the end, they figured out that providing a superior digital experience would also help them increase their current marketing efforts. The project’s goal was to get the correct message to the appropriate audience, as their difference and value propositions were being slightly overlooked.

Unfortunately, the idea behind the message is frequently distinct from the message itself. The website was developed on a vintage template and was jam-packed, resulting in content architecture issues. They recognised that in order to achieve greater success, they’d need a fresh platform from the bottom up. Melbourne Naturopathy sought assistance from Star Digital Marketing because they knew their current website was out of date, uninteresting, and didn’t link visual components or company value propositions with the industry.

They wanted to liven up the website a little and make it more user-friendly by making it easier for their site’s visitors to find what they’re looking for.


Without even knowing it, we had moved into the early stages of planning for an entirely new site. We wanted to start telling a tale, not simply continue using the outdated template. That would go against our distinct approach. We take pleasure in developing and constructing a one-of-a-kind site, pushing a unique message, and increasing the visibility of our online brand.

The previous site was a bland header and colour violet with emphasis on the header and footer, which is counterintuitive to our method. We changed the footer and header colours to green, which complemented the site’s appearance. We also modified the header to include a contact number and an email address to make it more apparent.

Given that first-time website visitors generally conduct a ‘risk vs reward’ analysis in a few seconds, focusing on Melbourne Naturopathy’s commercial points of difference and value propositions might persuade a consumer to become a client.

Given that the majority of site visitors were coming from a mobile devices, we needed to make certain that all devices received optimal viewing in order to take advantage of the current traffic and increase conversions and sales potential. Having a thorough knowledge of site stats and data metrics, all design decisions were based on fact rather than personal preference. Customers’ demands and wants were taken into account while developing Landing Pages, product information, and descriptions.

We wanted to communicate directly with website visitors that we were industry experts as well as go a step further than most in the business by giving free advice, quotations, and no-obligation service. We made this information available to assist ideal purchasers to obtain the knowledge they want by contacting Melbourne Naturopathy.


Melbourne Naturopathy entrusted Star Digital with the development of an exciting and one-of-a-kind website. The launch of a new site generated a lot of traffic and the numbers prove it. Organic search visibility went up, which resulted in higher conversions rates for your products or services on this page!

Our marketing mixologists followed all Search Engine Expectations and Demands with the website structure and user experience, as well as the digital encounter of users, to ensure that Star Digital is the strategic marketing partner for Melbourne Naturopathy.





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