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Pink Ceremonies is a business that celebrates love in all its forms. They are LGBTQ+ inclusive and have over three years experience of officiating same-sex weddings, commitment ceremonies and naming ceremonies. 

As a qualified and registered marriage celebrant, Carmel knows how to make your ceremony personal, meaningful and above all – special. Whether you’re planning a small gathering or a large celebration, she would be honoured to be part of your day.





It’s no secret that love comes in all shapes and sizes. At Pink Ceremonies, they believe that all love is worth celebrating. Whether it’s the love between two people, the love between a parent and child, or the love of life itself, they believe that every moment should be cherished. 

However, their old website was not reflecting this belief. It was outdated, lacklustre, and in dire need of a refresh. But they didn’t want to just update their website – they wanted to create something special that showcased their goals. Pink Ceremonies knows that every love story is unique and special that’s why they approached Star Digital Marketing to help them update and refresh their website. The new site needed to showcase the importance of love, while also embodying the fun and festive spirit of Pink Ceremonies.

After some collaboration, the new website has been launched and it looks amazing! It is bright, colourful, and full of love. It really captures the essence of what Pink Ceremonies is all about. It is a place where love is celebrated in all its forms and is truly a beautiful thing. Plus, it’s now much easier to find information on the company’s services and contact Pink Ceremonies to plan your own celebration of love.


We knew that the website was in need of an update. The colours were dull, the images were low-resolution, and the overall design was dated. Our approach was to redesign the whole site and use beautiful colours that reflect the company’s goal of making a special day fun and memorable. 

We wanted to redesign the whole site. We used vibrant colours and added high-quality images to help bring the website to life. The end result is a site that is truly reflective of the company’s brand and values. We are extremely pleased with the final product and believe that it will help them to better connect with their target audience.

We all know that mobile devices are quickly becoming the preferred way to surf the web. Given this trend, it’s no surprise that we’ve seen a dramatic increase in the number of visitors to our site coming from mobile devices. In order to take advantage of this trend and boost our conversion and profit prospects, it was critical to making sure that the site was viewed well across all devices. Thanks to our responsive design approach, we were able to achieve this goal and ensure that the site would provide an optimal experience for all users, regardless of the device they were using.


The team at Star Digital Marketing have worked tirelessly to showcase the Pink Ceremonies’ goal – making a special day a fun day. They have optimised the user experience and created a more positive impression across all viewing devices. They have also developed a new brand image and brought the new site into today’s trends of modern responsive design. All of this has been done with the aim of providing customers with the best possible experience when they visit the site. Thanks to the team’s hard work, the site is now live and ready to help make your special day even more special!





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