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RSV Limo has provided Melbourne with one of the largest fleets in the industry for over 20 years now. They have travelled almost 1 million kilometres providing unrivalled service to anyone needing a luxury, elite limousine hire, whether it be airport transfers, school formals, party hire, funerals, special occasions and of course weddings, RSV has the vehicle for the occasion.





When Star Digital Marketing first met the team at RSV, we were not surprised to hear that they were looking to completely change their website, they were not happy with the look and feel, it didn’t have any real flow and the navigation wasn’t providing any value or reason for potential clients to convert. The site was not mobile friendly, and it consisted of large capital letters to direct people to content, it was also extremely white heavy making it look like a standard Microsoft Word document.

Not being very tech savvy and finding it hard to express what they were after, we understood they wanted a professional, engaging site. RSV trusted us to create an entirely new concept for the newly designed and developed website. We needed to bring RSV into the limelight for people looking for Limo Hire in Melbourne through SEO but also ensure that once the site was found that the website converted visitors to clients. Creating more trust was essential, who would choose a company to safely drive them if they didn’t feel trust? Trust was necessary from the first impression, the website.


RSV have immense knowledge, skill, and experience in the industry, and we needed to convey this into the navigational structure of the site. We utilised new high-resolution photos to enhance the visual appeal of the site and to engage visitors straight away touching on RSV’s important services, selling the dream, and painting a picture of a fantastic time using RSV.

The RSV fleet was a missed opportunity, so we decided to showcase this with click to view functionality on the home page just under the fold. Psychologically, if people are willing to click the elements, then they are engaged, and we are closer to converting that visitor. We designed the ‘fleet’ as an entire navigation system like ‘services’ as there are many options to choose from, we created a dropdown menu for each option and easy content discovery for visitors.

Including a video and important points of difference that could encapsulate the brand and professionalism of RSV was a must, Call-To-Actions that stand out against different colour contrasts helps the consumer know what is expected of them and giving three options takes away anxiety.


The feedback from the RSV team is exactly why we do what we do, they were super happy and proud of the result. We completely revolutionised the company’s website and created an elegant, friendly, informative, and inviting website. With the use of gold and black colour pallets introduced throughout the site which exudes success and professionalism, mixed in with white spacing it is certainly a website that makes a statement.

Carefully designing the user’ experience through site architecture and creating perfectly optimised SEO content has led the RSV team to not only rank organically for their core keywords but ensure that the visitors convert into sales creating measurable sales growth.





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