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Founded in 2008, Australian Signmakers have a combined 42 years’ worth of experience in the manufacture and installation of business signage. Their services range from 3D signs to digital LED displays, custom and corporate signage to withstand elements either indoor or outdoor, and vending machine wraps. They also provide fleet signage and vehicle wrapping as well as banners and signwriting services. They are a true connection from business branding and design into superior tangible signage.




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The objective for Australian Signmakers was a results-driven website design to ensure growth. We were looking to drive increased visitors as well as increased conversions through the website. This was going to happen with the creation of new SEO friendly content, using compelling language to attract, speak, and influence the visitors to become customers.

Australian Signmakers deal directly with business owners, project managers, designers, and architects. Knowing your target audience helps to identify and hone the marketing message directly to those buyer groups. The new website needed to pop; design features and elements, as well as imagery had to create an aesthetic that is pleasing to the eye and resonates positive feelings toward the Australian Signmakers brand.


Star Digital Marketing knew that with different user groups, we needed a website that would convey the experience with Australian Signmakers as nothing short of necessary for a positive signage solution. Their clientele includes large well-known companies and brands, their old website was lacking this social currency, this was something we went about highlighting in the form of a gallery of performed work. As a trusted partner for these brands, we could better serve Australian Signmakers and guide and increase their trust and authority amongst their visitors.

Visitors act once they have invested the required time within a website to decide if you are a good fit or not. To create the perception of a good fit, with the capability to perform the work to the exact necessary specifications, a user must have a useful experience and understand the message being conveyed. We went about breaking up content throughout the website as an easy way for visitors to consume and process it.

Including a more effective navigation menu allows for the visitor to find what they want with ease. This is also beneficial for the Search Engines to find, index, and rank Australian Signmakers for important keywords. Introducing orange from the branding colour palette throughout the website has helped to direct visitors toward important elements, and call to actions.


Star Digital Marketing breathed life into another website and told the story of why. We expressed dealing with Australian Signmakers in a direct way, touching on industry pain points and the USP of why Australian Signmakers were the go-to company ‘Makers. Creators. Doers’. These characteristics would hit home for anyone who was in the market for a signage solutions company.

A flawlessly optimised device responsive website was created, and as usual Search Engine expectations and demands were combined with site useability and structure. This produced the results-driven website Australian Signmakers were dreaming of. Revenue has increased through increased conversions, leads and new business.





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