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Tanner Track are an Australian owned and operated, family business with over 20 years’ experience in the sales of quality tractors. Their customers have confidence purchasing from them as they understand the requirements needed for a tractor whether that be on a hobby farm or a small, medium, or large acreage property. Tanner Track also supply numerous attachments and spare parts to ensure the tractors are versatile for your plans. They provide expert advice based on your hobby farm requirements and with their mechanical knowledge offer servicing as well.




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The Tanner Track team partnered with Star Digital Marketing as they had seen numerous websites we’ve built in the past and were impressed, especially when it came to ecommerce sites.

They wanted our expertise to design and develop an ecommerce site that captured their purpose, and to convey their message in a more structured way. They dreamt of a site that created value for their prospects, was engaging, friendly and ultimately increased sales.

People looking to purchase a tractor for their hobby farm generally spend a considerable amount of time researching the industry to find the most appropriate machinery. Tanner Track had a firm understanding of their buyer personas and entrusted Star Digital to create a site that expressed their desire and expertise to help people make the right choice for their requirements.

The Tanner Track team wanted to create a more visually appealing website, it needed to be user friendly so people could find the perfect tractor for them in the shortest amount of time and contact them for expert advice or any other information related to their products and services.


Star Digital began this project by identifying all fundamental issues the previous site had. We looked into all of the conversion aspects of the site, and completed a thorough sitewalk, this enabled us to outline and educate the Tanner Track team of the many missed opportunities they had within the site.

We went about producing a completely different approach to the site, from point of entry, through the sales funnel, and channeling the prospective buyers towards conversion whether via email, phone, or the core goal of an online purchase.

Creating a device responsive site that different user personas could easily navigate, discover, and convert on was pivotal. Their purchasing journey needed to be seamless and include all information in an easy to digest way to make the best-informed choice.

Capturing the brand, the purpose, and engagement with the new structure is something Star Digital do better than most. We completely changed the user navigation by replacing the sidebar menu with the main header menu with drop down tabs. This allowed us to use more of the web page in a much cleaner and fresher way. Utilising the branding colours of black and green we went about introducing a much brighter green to contrast well throughout the site, through this we were able to better highlight certain aspects and give a friendly, inviting feeling.


Tanner Track partnered with us to develop an effective website to refresh the brand and capitalise on the website traffic their current SEO marketing solution was delivering. Star Digital has produced an entirely different digital experience for their consumers across all channels. Since its launch it has rewarded Tanner Track in numerous positive data metrics, most importantly conversions and sales for the team.





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