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Have been committed to providing affordable funeral services to the western suburbs of Melbourne for over 45 years. Their mantra is ‘we don’t charge extra for exceptional service’. They offer support, advice, and assistance to loved ones organising funeral services for their dearly departed. They are a truly caring and professional company.

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Star Digital Marketing partnered with Tribute Funeral Services to embark on the creation of their brand-new Obituary Directory website. The goal was to develop a cutting-edge website from the ground up, ensuring it offered an enhanced user experience and addressed the specific needs of Tribute Funeral Services’ clients and their community. The objective was to provide an online platform that not only celebrated the lives of loved ones with dignity and empathy but also offered a clear and user-friendly presentation of content. This new website aimed to stand out in the online space and provide additional services to clients and their families, including the integration of an eCommerce shop for the purchase of products such as caskets, jewellery, urns, and keepsakes. The primary focus was on making these services easily discoverable and accessible to families seeking comprehensive support from Tribute Memorials.


The approach for Tribute Memorials involved creating and developing a website that would effectively convey the essence of the business to its online visitors. Tribute Memorials, inspired by its spacious, light, warm, and inviting funeral home, sought to ensure that the website reflected these qualities.

A key element in this approach was the introduction of a new tagline, “helping families and friends honour their loved one,” which beautifully encapsulated the care, compassion, and professionalism that Tribute Funeral Services brings to each client.

The website was constructed using a robust platform that incorporated essential content and targeted pages.

The new website design was carefully optimised for both desktop and mobile devices. The homepage featured a striking contrast between bright white roses and elegant navy-blue elements, immediately capturing users’ attention. Additionally, vibrant orange highlights were strategically incorporated to guide users to essential Call-to-Actions.

Furthermore, the incorporation of verified reviews through Funeral Guide played a pivotal role in building community confidence and dispelling any reservations that visitors might have when exploring a new website.


The team at Tribute Funeral Services noticed positive feedback and analytics right from the websites launch.
Their website now perfectly accommodating for prospective clients’ families’ requirements and is generating more leads than ever before.

Being mobile friendly has had great change to user engagement and they are selling more products they had hoped for through their online store, they have revolutionised the funeral parlour industry offering as they are now accommodating families for all their needs in a helpful and respectful way.





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