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Vivo Boxes specialise in wholesale custom printed boxes. They provide Australian businesses with the lowest prices to enhance their branding recognition, and packaging for their products. High-quality resolution printing is a must for businesses packaging their products.

Vivo Boxes supply everything from boxes, bags, jars, satchels, labels, tubes, and more. You can even create your own packaging according to your requirements, that’s how immense their capabilities are. They serve the food, retail, pharmaceutical, beverage, to cosmetic and beauty. They work with some of the biggest brands Australia wide and have a reputation that has helped their business grow.





Usability was a huge challenge for Vivo Boxes, they felt their current website was bland, static, and was harming their visitors time on site duration, as well as conversions. A website needs to be obvious and self-explanatory for the user do a quick risk vs. reward scenario. A design and developers’ job like the professional services at Star Digital Marketing must remove as many question marks as possible so users make positive conscious decisions regarding the pros and cons of whether to engage with a company or not.


Creating a clear structure with recognisable links and visuals imagery helps to get the user from point A to point B with as little thinking as possible. A user-friendly design helps to achieve clarity. Behavioural patterns suggest people tend to view a web page as a whole, before consuming individual elements, hence a newly created look and feel was a must to ensure the growth of Vivo Boxes. 

Optimal viewing across mobile devices was a must, it had not been taken into consideration by the previous company and this damages an entire market of searchers and buyers. Vivo Boxes wanted to maintain the green colour palettes used throughout the site as part of their branding recognition and required a more dynamic approach for visitors.




Star Digital Marketing understood the expectations, goals and strategy, the Vivo Boxes team were looking to implement, and we had some unique ideas to create a better customer journey and educate users. These methods would help transform more users into clients.

We wanted to create a more dynamic website so people would resonate with the new aesthetic design and begin to trust Vivo Boxes within the first few seconds of opening the website. We needed to put forward signals that touched on the problem areas for businesses that Vivo Boxes were solving with their custom printed packaging services, as well as their value proposition in terms of technological advancements, innovative products, and cost reductions.

Star developed a sitemap for Vivo Boxes as they didn’t previously have one. This helps list the most important pages and delivers the user with an easy way to navigate and find what they’re looking for. A sitemap is also beneficial to help with their Search Engine marketing strategy as the Search Engines can discover their content more efficiently.

Mobile optimisation was completed to provide a flawless viewing experience across any device being used. Customers now have an expectation, and demand a website be optimised for their mobile device. Not being device friendly is damaging not only to conversions and sales but damaging to the brand itself.


Vivo Boxes website has effectively changed the aesthetic design and usability of the site. No longer are their products and elements awfully large and aggressive, they are now perfectly placed to help the consuming of content.

The new balance of colours throughout the site and content placement has created a more professional look. The structure has improved loading speeds throughout the site as well. Investing in a device friendly design was not only a must for the Search Engines compliance, but Vivo boxes have capitalised on the results of making these actions for their users. 

Their current Search Engine marketing strategy has benefited greatly from joining with Star Digital Marketing to transform their website. Vivo Boxes made the right move in trusting a marketing company that lives and breathes all things digital, we specialise in turning users into clients. 





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