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Vivo packaging is one of Australia’s top packaging solutions companies, they provide innovative, eco-friendly packaging at competitive prices. They supply their packaging solutions to many industries including food, cosmetics, health care, chemicals, industrial, and pharmaceutical. They have thousands of happy customers Australia wide. They truly are a one-stop-shop packaging solution for Australian businesses who require pouches, jars, bags, boxes, satchels, and more. Vivo Packaging solutions are also fully customised for the client requirements.




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With the offering of so many different customised and innovative packaging solutions, Vivo Packaging were looking to expand their digital landscape and transform their ecommerce website from bland and messy, into a carefully structured and easy navigational, direct website.

Elements needed to be organised so there were less distractions, and the customer journey was focused. Their website lacked any real navigational structure and that was harming their website goals. Vivo Packaging partnered with Star Digital Marketing as we have enviable experience when it comes to the execution of a great ecommerce website.

Vivo Packaging outlined brand parameters as well as the brand’s message which was being lost due to the architecture of the website. For successful completion of this website Star Digital Marketing also needed to ensure Vivo Packaging’s story was being told, what their point of difference was and ensure a device friendly, responsive site. Being in such a competitive industry space it was vital we create a stellar website combined with an effective marketing structure.



Star Digital Marketing have built dozens of ecommerce websites and understand the conversion and psychology principles behind creating converting machine, Vivo Packaging partnered with Star Digital Marketing for just this reason. Our marketing experts began by storyboarding the layout, functionality, and navigation of the website to ensure the right message was being conveyed to different user groups.

It was easy to identify straightaway that the main navigation menu was far too confusing, resulting in cart abandonment. We worked together to outline the main navigation menu to make the structure seamless and efficient to find the solutions Vivo Packaging could offer businesses. This is true on a mobile device as well.

Branding colours and elements were proving far too aggressive, resulting in the website having an endless scroll effect. We know people want to find and solve their want or need in the most efficient way possible, therefore creating breathing space between categories and products was a great way to give the user time to focus their attention.

The new website needed to tell a story and creating a carefully organised architecture of Vivo Packaging’s range we have been able to better display this and reflect the brand’s professionalism through placement and content.


The Star Digital Marketing crafty team produced and delivered a powerful website that has enhanced their current marketing strategy. Their old website was technically outdated and missing various conversion opportunities, the new site looks professional, has vastly improved loading speeds, and is optimised for mobile devices.

Overall, the new website displays immense value, communicates Vivo Packaging’s point of difference, and has increased positive engagement and trust in the brand. The website provides a better understanding of the goals of the website and provides more clarity and clearer content discovery, resulting in a decreased bounce right and increases in online sales and business development partnerships.





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