About Star Digital

Why Choose Star Digital?

Through a combination of traditional and real-life marketing knowledge, our holistic approach to achieving memorable digital experiences is through collaboration. Star Digital will help you connect the dots between a stunning functional website design and user experience (UX) to help generate a solid online marketing structure. We aim to face the challenges of today and the future resulting in long term growth. We do not just offer website design services to transform your vision into a beautiful idea. We have an expert team of website developers that work very closely with the web designers to ensure that the development of the idea transitions smoothly on time and on budget. Our in-house web design and development Melbourne team are based in our office in Cremorne. We also offer web design and development services in Brisbane and Sydney, our other national locations. We take pride in our work and have accrued years of experience with web design and development services Australia wide.


Specialist, boutique digital marketing company.


We are selective with who we partner with.

Client Cap

We have a client cap of 200 businesses nationwide.

Our Landing Page Breakdown


Represents our office locations in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and that we are proudly Australian owned and operated.


Represents strong Australian businesses.


Represents our main core services including, Web Design & Development, Creative Design, Branding, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Pay Per Click (PPC) & App Development. The 8th balloon represents the additional services we also offer.


We all too often hear from companies that they are apprehensive to work with a marketing agency as they have done so in the past and have had a very poor experience, or as they say, have been “burned.”

They’ve lost money, time or even sleep from signing on with a less than “stellar” partner. The answer, while tempting, is not to stop all forms of marketing, but rather to start marketing smarter and with strategy. These chains represent all the misinformation and poor strategies you have attempted in the past with your digital marketing.

Breaking the Chains

In partnering with us through varying services, and through the execution of proven strategies, together we can break the chains that have held your business back and help your business reach the stars!

Day to Night

We can achieve great success through our proven digital marketing strategies, however these can sometimes take time. This is represented from transition from day to night. Whilst not always a quick fix, it’s always worth it.

Reach The Stars

This represents not just financial success and ROI but also the journey through communication and partnership in order to smash targets.