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Free SEO Audit

Search Engines are a lot smarter than they seem. Why not check to ensure your site is up for the challenge. After conducting an in-depth review of what’s holding it back from being found by more people online (and there can be some serious discoveries!), we can provide clear solutions with actionable steps to take towards achieving success.

This free SEO report is ideal for gaining an overall look at your website’s performance. However, it can only scratch the surface of what you’ll want to do in order to get more out this auditing process and make sure that everything on-page meets Google’s standards. Content strategy updates are necessary before moving forward with any new project or goals set forth by our services here at Star Digital Marketing.

What is included in my SEO Report?

The following are the key objectives of our free SEO audit:

SEO Audit Score

Organic Traffic Analysis

Basic SEO Audit Checklist

Website Usability Issues

Technical SEO Analysis

Keyword Ranking Report

Backlink Audit

Social Media Audit