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Website Maintenance

Extend your Website’s Lifespan

Website maintenance is an important part of your website’s health. It can help you avoid costly downtime and make sure that everything on the page looks good as new! With our low prices, Star Digital will be there every step if this process for any reason- from content updates to design overhauls or even HTML conversion.

Well Maintained Websites…

Runs Smoothly and Effectively

Web maintenance can help with performance improvement as well as preventing bugs from impacting your site to minimising downtime or even worse security breaches!

Ranks Well in Google SERPs

Google favours websites with regularly updated and optimised content. It’s not about the individual ranking factor, but rather it’s over-all credibility that makes a site rank so well in SERPs.

Drives Leads

A well-maintained and optimised website attracts new customers, while also engaging existing ones.

Stays On-Trend

Keeping your website up-to date with the latest design trends will not only make it more appealing to visitors but also help you stay competitive in an ever-changing market.

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Basic Website Updates

Visitor feedback Improvement. These improvements usually include site performance, navigation, and general user experience.

Existing and New product updates. You will probably need an update of existing products than add new products. Even though the process is basically the same, you’ll need to add updated product information including prices. Some products may also need to be replaced or removed.

Promo updates are another update that you’ll regularly need is product updates for promos. This can involve short term price discounts, shipping promos and bundles.

Upgrade of Interactivity components. Regular updates of browsers can directly affect the performance of various website interactive components. High bounce rates, Performance issues, and low conversion rate are just three problems that can occur from your interactive components’ incompatibility with browsers.