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Reach new heights with a Custom WordPress Site Design

WordPress is the most popular platform – and for a good reason. It’s powerful and user-friendly all at the same time. Every increasingly, businesses are tapping into the power and convenience of WordPress. Whether you’re an eCommerce or service-based business wanting to build an online presence, that’s easy to operate, WordPress is the solution for you. But is the basic WordPress site you are using now converting enough for your needs and ROI? Does your current website stand out or does it yell basic “WordPress blog” at first glance?

Custom WordPress website design is not just a want but rather, a necessity. It’s no longer enough to just have an online presence, a digital business card if you will. You need to stand out, while making sense and to create your own professional branding image. It’s not enough that a WordPress site can look good, it should look professional, while adhering to the science of conversion.

Star Digital Marketing offers a custom WordPress website design solution, combining a high level of functionality with the impact of branded aesthetics and excellent user experience. Your website needs to be like a well-oiled machined. If you have or are thinking about investing into having a website to be used as a representation for your business and become part of your organisations sales strategy, it had better be performing at the highest level it can.

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Solutions and Results with Star Digital Marketing

Don’t let your budget constrain your business goals! Star Digital has been providing custom website design services to companies all over the world for more than 10 years. Our WordPress solutions will help you reach your business goals at competitive prices, with quality results that are tailored just for YOU!

Arm Yourself with Star Digital Marketing’s WordPress Website Design Package

Powering over 30% of active worldwide websites, WordPress boasts some huge names spanning many industries. As a boutique, full-service web design and development company, Star Digital Marketing will provide you with custom WordPress design and development solutions that will help you drive leads, increase sales conversions, increase engagement, and give you an edge over your competition, all the while, with a boutique service.

All Inclusive In-House Services

Your business is unique, and your website should reflect that. That’s why we offer a range of WordPress custom packages for small businesses though to large enterprises, with the tools to meet their needs at every stage – from start-up all the way through growth! Our business intelligence solutions are a critical component of that success. Offering built-in analytics tracking and reporting that allows you to create marketing, product design or sales decisions with deep data insights on numerous website actions and performance metrics
For your company’s digital strategy to be successful there needs to be three components:

1. an understanding of what content performs best

2. how people behave when they interact with content to create an interaction

3. who’s engaging in those interactions?

Our Business Intelligence Solutions provide all this information so we can make smarter decisions about our future progress as well!

Stars WordPress custom design solutions ensures you will have access to WordPress XML sitemap submission and creation. There’s no need to download plugins to generate sitemaps. We will create a basic XML sitemaps and custom sitemaps and submit your sitemap to Google on your behalf.