Ecommerce Website Development

E-commerce Focused Web Design

Your website is not simply a brochure. It’s meant to inspire action, so you need your site’s content and design to be clear about what users are getting themselves into if they choose this path for their buying process (the sale). Useful information should also be easy-to read with compelling callouts that will encourage them through all these steps while strong CTAs push people straight down the rabbit hole towards completion! With clean UI/UX designs combined alongside fast page load speeds we can deliver an eCommerce experience focused on improving ROI.

Deliver an online experience that surpasses user expectations and delivers clear business results.

Star Website Design Case Studies

At Star Digital Marketing, we know that form follows function. As such our websites are not just pretty faces with no substance or direction – they represent an entire approach to reaching your business goals and objectives through creative design & responsive web-development techniques which produces results for you.

What do Ecommerce Websites Need to Succeed?

When we build e-commerce websites, our focus is on functionality and features. Your online business will have a beautiful, customised web presence but to achieve your sales goals you’ll need the standard tools that today’s successful shops use – such as an easy-to use shopping cart platform or powerful list building software for when customers find your products through search engines like Google AdWords. We create these sites with administrative needs in mind: so, they’re reliable during heavy traffic hours (not slowing down) as well as a great way of helping businesses grow faster.

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Essential E-commerce Launch Solution

Our team of design and developers are able to adapt and implement on any platform. We offer extensive website training, so your team are able to modify and update any necessary changes to your website without the need for technical skill and knowhow, leaving you more time to focus on what really matters, your customers and your business. Furthermore, we’ve got you covered throughout Australia

Content Management

You want to be able tell the story of your company, product, or service in an engaging way. You need content management that makes it easy for you and your staff to create new pages as well as editing existing ones without hassle – just like a pro!

Suggested Pages and Related Products

Give your users a streamlined, easy-to navigate experience by using pattern recognition to show them products related to the ones they’re looking at. When searchers search for specific items you have available on your website, using predictive text will complete their request and provide options based off what’s been entered so far! Promote seasonal or promotional merchandise with this feature too – it makes sharing easier than ever before!

Product Filtering

Let your customers create a unique shopping experience by letting them filter through category pages. If they can sort by price, popularity or relevance then honing in on what item you have that will meet their needs best! You can utilise a quick preview feature to help someone interested learn more about the product beforehand.

Promotion and Discount Tools

The power of a sale is in the details! Make sure your website has an easy-to use system for creating and managing discount codes. Whether it’s 25% off or just one day, you need to be able to set parameters so customers can find promotional discounts easily.

Reporting Tools

The interactive administrative dashboard allows for an understanding of user statistics including sales, new customers vs. returning and top-selling products as well as identifying customer behaviour patterns to make sure that you stay on top of your inventory levels while also being able to understand what your customers are doing in order to better serve them.

Dynamic Shopping Cart

The shopper should see their cart dynamically update with products, and in the end have an opportunity to save items for later rather than having them deleted entirely if they don’t want it today. You can display trust symbols like a McAfee badge that indicate your checkout process has been verified thus easing any fears potential customers may have when shopping online with you.

Email Marketing Integration

Building a mailing list is the first step to creating long-term brand loyalty. We can help you set up email messages with your customers for order status and shipping updates, as well as provide marketing templates that will make it easy for them to start receiving email from your services in one place.

Scalable Platform

Creating a scalable e-commerce platform is one of the most important, but also overlooked aspects in building an online store. The ability to scale up gives you room for growth as your business does too! The Star Crew develops websites with business expansion in mind, you need a solution that is future safe and won’t hamper your growth.

Creating a successful E-commerce website

Multiple Payment and Shipping Options

By giving your customer a variety of payment options and making the checkout process easy with clear confirmation pages, you will give them confidence in their purchase. It’s important for shipping costs to be displayed upfront before they start checking out so that every shopper knows what is included in each option while also providing some peace-of mind by displaying tracking information once an order has been placed your website!

Optimisation & Analytics

Integrating Google Analytics, A/B testing software and other third-party JavaScript code into your site can give you the most out of it. With Star Digital Marketing all this is made easy without having to hire an IT professional!

Management Dashboards

With customisable dashboards, you can keep track of all the information necessary to make informed decisions. You will be able to focus your attention on e-commerce performance metrics that are most relevant for your business and promotional efforts – including purchasing patterns and “hot” items.

Reliable Hosting

When you partner with Star Digital Marketing, we make sure your hosting plan can handle the traffic and e-commerce requirements for now as well as tomorrow. Your data should scale smoothly so that users don’t have any friction when ordering from or visiting your site – both of which could cause them to go somewhere else.

Intuitive User Experience

Websites are not just about showing off your products, they help drive customers to the point of making a purchase. That’s why we make sure every user has an intuitive and easy-to navigate website experience from homepage, though to checkout.

Backend SEO Tools

Your new site will give you easy access to back-end editing of page titles, meta descriptions, and everything else that is needed for ranking well in search engines. A sitemap XML file makes it possible for the engine’s software programming system (also known as “bots”) to crawl your website; while robots.TXT allow shoppers looking up information about products online through the Google or Bing Search Engines to find what they’re seeking without hassle! Schema Markup adds even more credibility when consumers buy something – this means quick updates because all changes can be made quickly with little effort required by anyone involved.