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As a full-service digital marketing agency, we take a different approach to how a website should be built. Most Web Designers build a website based just on how it looks and do not take the Search Engines or SEO into consideration.

We understand that Search Engines have requirements, expectations and demands on what a website should contain and the way it should be structured.

At Star Digital Marketing, we develop our custom designs to deliver the experiences that your customers have never had. We connect brands to the people who matter the most to them, we take a hands-on approach to help define what your customers want related to your brand, and deliver it in a clear, simple and logical format that sells your message in a compelling and memorable way.

We reverse engineer consumer attention and develop all of our websites around how consumers like and want to go through and consume content. The User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) needs to combine together and work in perfect harmony to ensure the sites structure is logical and navigation is streamlined so your customers journey leads through a strategic conversion funnel and your websites desired actions are being taken.

We know the vision of a website can be difficult to explain so we take a hands-on approach to understanding and addressing the specific needs of your business and identify more opportunities that will help move your business towards achieving its primary and secondary goals.

A professional website needs to align with an organisations sales and marketing strategy to be as effective as possible. Within a matter of seconds, the website needs to capture the customer’s attention and build trust, the customer also needs to be able to find what they want quickly, every website will build consist of proven consumer psychology and marketing principles we know work.

Quick loading so you don’t get left behind, we live in a ‘culture of now’. Websites that do not load quickly are at risk of losing their website visitors, the Search Engines also take this factor into consideration in their ranking algorithm, if your website is slow you lose on both sides.

Mobile-friendly websites, more than 50% of the world’s population are conducting internet searches on a mobile device now, whether that be mobile phone or a tablet we make sure your website is optimised for any device your customer might be searching on.

SEO compliant, because we also specialise in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), all websites are compliant with the best marketing practices. If you are doing SEO already and have obtained great keyword rankings, the job to your consumers is not done just yet, your consumers need to be engaged, educated and encouraged to take your actions. This is where a professional Star Digital Marketing website will help. If you are not doing SEO to drive customers to your website, our top-performing websites can be a kick start towards your success.

Clean coding. Well written, custom coding in the backend of your website helps the Search Engines to find, read, index and rank your content so consumers can find you. It also helps to make your website scalable, we know businesses change, so should the option of scaling and expanding your website if necessary.

Security. Every website is built to ensure sensitive information is encrypted to the latest standards. The sophisticated software that online hackers and fraudsters use can easily identify vulnerable websites. Not only will a non-secure website not be favourable in the Search Engines eyes, but what about the most important people, your website visitors. Don’t let a lack of security lead to suffering breaches, keyword rankings and ultimately losing conversions and customers.

Design and Development Team

With our diverse experience, we can adapt and implement on any platform. We offer extensive website training, so your team are able to modify and update any necessary changes to your website without the need for technical skill and knowhow, leaving you more time to focus on what really matters, your customers and your business. Furthermore, we’ve got you covered throughout Australia.

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At Star Digital Marketing, our extraordinary talents and expertise range through multi-channel to drive your business toward not only a ROI but better financial outcomes. We’ve got your Design and Development covered to experience online success.