Page Speed Optimisation

A Need for Speed; Page Load Speed

Page speed optimisation is essential. If a customer has to wait longer than 2 seconds for the page they are on, 47% will abandon their purchase of product or service in favour of another site where loading speeds can be meted out quicker! This means that meeting these marketing standards could mean more sales and happier customers, which ultimately leads us back towards better business overall.

The internet has become a lot more competitive. People are always looking for ways to get what they want in the fastest time possible, which is why page speed optimisation became such an important thing to consider when building websites.

Improve Your Page Load Speed

The page speed of your website can affect the user experience and rankings in search engines. If you want to rank higher, make sure that all vital elements are loaded quickly so people don’t leave for another site with a faster load time.

The Star Digital Marketing speed service will help improve this issue by using our enviable skills and knowledge of software we will analyse code lines as well network requests simultaneously to boost the speeds of your websites pages.

Page Speed Optimisation

Page speed optimisation is the key to improving your website’s performance, but not just in technical terms. More pageviews and lower bounce rates will lead to less dwell times for users which means they are more likely to stay on a single page of content before leaving; this ultimately results in increased conversions as well as revenue because you’re getting customer engagement throughout their visit rather than having them leave halfway through or right away (which might be what happens if site load speeds don’t meet expectations). Even a 1 second improvement can make all the difference.

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The Star Team Can Speed Up Your Website

You may not know it, but you’ve been losing thousands of dollars in potential income just because your site doesn’t load fast enough. Google and other Search Engines do not favour slow websites, it is vital to your success to increase your loading times. Our page speed optimisation service will help you improve your Speed Scores. To achieve this, we will optimise different aspects of your website including:

Minifying and combining JavaScript and CSS files

Image compression and optimisation

Minimising HTTP requests and reduce redirects

Website caching setup and configuration

Minimising time to first byte

Dedicated Hosting

Page Load Speed May Be Slowing You Down

Customers visiting slow loading websites are less likely to convert into buyers, as they may take their business elsewhere. Travel sites in particular, suffer from this problem and experience low conversion rates due to a poor user experience with long wait times for page loads or errors when finally, being loaded on the browser screen.

A study of E-commerce website performance by optimisation company Page Speed Insights found that customers who experienced these sorts of delays were overall dissatisfied.
And the bad new keeps on coming. The site’s load speed can decrease the volume of website traffic, SERP ranking (page load time is a Google factor), increase bounce rates and revenue, overhead costs are sure to go up for marketing too since you’ll need more people or ads in order to compensate for less sales conversions!

Speed and Success

Website speed is often overlooked but is a very important factor in keeping your users happy. If you haven’t yet, take a look at our list of solutions and see which one is right for you.