WordPress Development

Total Control of Your Website Content

Star Digital Marketing builds versatile, easy-to use WordPress websites that give you full control of your website and the content which can easily update as business grows. Let us handle all work related to developing an attractive design for a professional look while maintaining compatibility with mobile devices or tablets so visitors have access from anywhere at any time whether it’s on their desktop computer in front of them throughout their day!

Your blog will be hosted directly on-site giving users complete visibility into everything going inside including newest posts written just last week – we’ll help target specific ideas/topics by creating pages dedicated exclusively around those topics drawing more people into using this service because they find value with what’s being showcased here.


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5 Core Benefits of WordPress Development

1. Easy-to-use CMS

WordPress is the easiest and most straightforward platform for managing your site. With so many people using it, there are tons of themes to choose from too! 24% of internet users worldwide power their web experience with WordPress.

2. Customisable

We help you bring your unique brand and personality forward in a way that will resonate with potential customers. We’ll collaborate closely together, building pages tailored just for who are as an organisation so they can quickly identify themselves within our website experience!

3. SEO-Friendly

WordPress is a powerful tool that makes it easier to add new content and rank your site by search engines. With tags, meta descriptions, or any other type of optimisation you can think about there are specific words/phrases targeted for ranking higher in Google searches, meaning more qualified leads.

4. Brand Exposure

The content you share on your website sets the tone for how people view and perceive not only yourself, but also any other businesses in similar industries. Your blog posts are an excellent way to engage with those who come across them, even if they aren’t interested enough yet! Guest comments give a new perspective from someone else’s point-of-view that can broaden their understanding of what it is exactly about certain products or services which make these companies stand out amongst competitors.

5. Mobile-Ready Responsive Design

A mobile-optimised website is integral to a successful digital marketing strategy. With the rise in popularity for smartphones and tablets, it’s important that you have an optimised site so your business can reach its desired audience on any device they may be using at the time of access. WordPress offers responsive design which makes sure every webpage looks good no matter what type of screen or platform (iOS/Android) the visitor browses from.