Website Redesign Services

Why Your Website May Need a Redesign

Your website may be performing according to your expectations, but did you know that there are ways for it to perform better? A redesign can enhance important aspects of the user experience and improve brand image simultaneously. But the question burning question remains, does your website need a redesign?

Website Redesign Self-Assessment

A website redesign is not just about keeping up with design trends; it’s an essential part of evolving industry, technology, and customer demands. For your business to truly grow you need a site that can make the most out its marketing potential which requires regular updates. Is it the right time to redesign your website? You’ll need to take these things into consideration:

The Star Website Redesign Team you need for the job!

Are there things that are just not working on your website. Does it make sense when navigating on a mobile device? You need a solid fix, not a patch. The Star Digital Marketing design team will provide you with outstanding results that include but are not limited to:

  • A custom designed and unique website with excellent aesthetic appeal
  • A highly truly functional website with an excellent UI and UX experience that is user-friendly
  • A super responsive and forward-compatible website redesign
  • Search Engine-Optimised website (onsite) for higher visibility
  • Conversion-optimised website – A converting machine
  • Up-to-date website with excellent technical performance
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The Star Website Redesign Team you need for the job!

Star Digital Marketing offers customised redesign solutions that are the best fit for your website’s needs. We know every site is unique, and every target market/location is as equally unique, so we can design a solution just right – no matter what you need help with!

Our all-encompassing in-house website redesign services include:

SEO Services

Regular Website Updates

Search Engine Optimisation

Website Maintenance Services

Content & Copywriting

Conversion & UI/UX Analysis

Our Approach on Website Redesign

Designing a website is a delicate balance between aesthetics and functionality. Our Star team do not just focus on what our Star Clients want the site to look like, but also how interactive it can be with users, while still being pleasing for those who view it through web browsers as well! Websites that have more visuals attract less traffic than sites filled with text only – so if you’re having trouble getting enough views or customers from your page then maybe time for an updated design may be needed?

It’s a fine line between what Clients want/need, what Search Engines want and what appeals to the masses. We will always be clear and transparent in not only giving you the site you want but also what you need!

Three main things that need particular focus in web redesign:

User Experience Design

UX Design is the key to a successful website and it’s not just because you need visitors’ attention. It’s also important for conversion rates- which means if your site isn’t usable, no one will be able take advantage of all that space (or time) on their phone/tablet while they’re browsing through possible purchases! You’ll never get anywhere with an interface people can barely understand.

Responsive Web Design

An ever-increasing number of customers now browse online from smaller screens, in fact since 2015 it represents the majority. Without responsive web design, your website would become unwieldy, losing the main intent of its functionality. Mobile users, now the majority opt for mobile-friendly websites, ensuring you lose a considerable portion of your target market.

Search Engine Optimisation

Whilst not a design element per say, SEO is vital in every redesign project. A redesigned website is just a beautiful and creative work of art that no one sees. Imagine having a beautify retail space that nobody visited as they didn’t have the directions on how to get there and your space was missing it signage! Our process isn’t just about SERP performance but also the overall performance of your site.

Star Digital Marketing for Design that Drives

Your website is the digital face of your company. It should be designed to engage and encourage visitors so they resonate with your Brand.
A redesign with a fresh coat of paint as well as one that polishes up its performance skills will help improve overall customer experience, driving traffic, leads and conversions for longer periods than before!