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Marketing & Sales Automation

Marketing Automation Solutions

Marketing and sales automation are game changers for any business. The tools you need to make your marketing campaigns a success include CRM solutions, such as those offered by Salesforce or Adobe Analytics Cloud Service which helps marketers understand their audience better than ever before with powerful data analytics.

Streamline operations while increasing productivity with software that automate tasks in every aspect of the process from lead generation all way through conversion tracking.

We specialise in creating solutions for the following three main marketing automation services:

Star Digital Marketing automation solutions can help you manage your marketing campaign from start to finish. We take care of everything, including creating a plan that is tailored just for what works best with how people naturally interact online or off-site!

Maintaining an effective strategy doesn’t have be difficult if we do it in phases by automating processes such as email capture forms and lead extraction tools so they’re always available when needed without having any down time between updates because let’s face it – nobody wants to do the same job twice.

Simplification and Optimisation Strategy

Star Digital Marketing thinks of success in measurable ways. But it’s not a magic formula for marketing–you need to have an understanding about your company goals and needs when working with us! That’s why every project starts out by discussing what you hope this new strategy will accomplish specifically based on how well it meets those specific requirements; from there our team carries out thorough analysis using various techniques like evaluation or identification before coming up with best solution possible because no two companies are alike. We craft each solution based specific needs and the result of thorough evaluation, identification, and analysis of the company’s existing marketing strategies, market demands, and limitations of the marketing automation technology.

Marketing Solution Evaluation

When you’re unsure about which marketing automation solution is right for your company, we can help. Our evaluation covers technical aspects such as capabilities and costs; financial analysis of various options available in the market today with regard to pricing models or ownership structures (i.e., subscriptions); end-user experience assessment based on each industry’s unique demands so that no matter what type of business function they serve–whether it involves sales & distribution processes like logistics coordination among different branches around world wide web zones where content resources are stored), customer retention strategies through email communication campaigns targeted towards certain segments defined by users themselves via modelling socio demographics.

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Automation Experts

The targeted scope of our evaluation includes the evaluation of marketing automation tools and software including:

  • Evaluation of performance and feature limitations
  • Comparison of the automation tool vendors
  • Evaluation of the functional and technical requirements
  • Analysis of any plan contracts and pricing models
  • Integration of Data Schema capabilities

Marketing Operation Services

Marketing is a necessary but difficult task to manage on your own. That’s why outsourcing this job can help you focus exclusively on running the company while we take care of everything else, including creating custom content for each client in just minutes!

No more juggling between different tools or spending hours researching online; let us do all that hard work so YOU

User Journey Mapping

Lead generation campaign

Marketing communications campaign

Marketing database management

Marketing campaign management

We offer range from general to specialised Marketing Operational processes including:

Mapping your customer’s journey is crucial to providing them with a quality experience. The map will show you where they are in their lifecycle, what interactions have happened so far and any other important information about who these customers actually are or how best can serve them going forward!

Identify the correct marketing channels

Advanced lead nurturing

Develop a lead scoring system

Content analysis

Forecasting Revenue

CRM Services and Integration

The customer relationship management (CRM) is where your sales reps will be able to find new leads and insights into statistics that matter. That’s why it’s vital for a cohesive marketing automation solution with CRMs in every region of the world, as well as seamlessly integrated so they can use these valuable resources at their convenience – all while providing you an up-to date overview on what’s happening right now!

Several integrations we specialise in include:

  • Marketo to Salesforce CRM
  • Pardot to Salesforce CRM


Star Digital Marketing also provides expert CRM consultation and management services to ensure seamless marketing operation.

Marketing Automation Solutions

Star Digital Marketing will help you every step of the way. From implementation to evaluation, we provide technical expertise that will save your valuable company time and money due to poor implementations and integrations.

Social Media Integration and CRM

Development of a Marketing Database

Segmentation (semi dynamic, static, or fully dynamic lists)

Management process development and implementation and Lead generation

Marketing automation templates (landing page and email responsive templates)

Star Results

We help companies grow their business by using our marketing automation solutions. We have helped many organisations with successful lead generation, high email deliverability and accurate strategies to execute them more efficiently than ever before!

Processes and feature outlines fully documented

Comprehensive training

(Governance and marketing automation basics, lead nurture campaign set up, program creation and lead scoring optimisation)

Change management Performance reports

Sales alerts

Star Digital Marketing provides the very best marketing automation solutions that will help streamline your marketing operations.