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Welcome to Star Digital Marketing

Star Digital is a boutique performance based marketing company with our head office based just outside of the Melbourne CBD. Here at Star Digital we are passionate about all things digital marketing related whether that be building a brand new stunning website, helping to convert and increase sales from current traffic volumes or increasing the presence of a company through branding and huge volumes of traffic. Everything we touch has the mission of increasing authority and financial growth for a website in its digital space.

our Star Services

SEO Location Exclusivity

If you’re looking to reach the No.1 position on Google’s or Bing’s Search Engine Results, you may have noticed a huge amount of competition in your market. But did you know you may also be facing competition within your current marketing company!?

SEO Location Exclusivity means we will not work with any other companies in your industry area with an exception to the adult, pharma and gambling industries.

Why is this important? For us, it comes down to two main factors.

  1. It’s just plain unethical. If your SEO company decides to work with two limo companies for example in Melbourne, how can they guarantee that they will put in the same amount of effort in getting both companies to rank? Does it just come down to who is paying more? This is obviously not going to be good for you, because there is only one top spot!
  1. Search Engine Optimisation isn’t magic, but rather hard work and compliance. We don’t magically create traffic, that traffic is effectively taken from your competitor. The SEO company would be essentially competing against themselves, at the expense of you!

You deserve to have an SEO marketing team that is 100% committed to getting you to rank and to have their full attention and commitment. It would be completely counterproductive to have an SEO company that is helping your competition.

Star Digital Marketing Now Accepts Cryptocurrency Payments!

There can be no doubt that Cryptocurrency is booming, and the Star Team have never been afraid of being industry trailblazers, we have yet again set the bar as one of the first Digital Marketing Agencies to accept Crypto as payment in Australia. This includes Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Dogecoin (DOGE) and Cardano (ADA).

“We’re excited to announce that Star Digital Marketing will be accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment of the 1st of January 2022. This comes at an exciting time, where we will be testing the waters within some very exciting new markets. It is our hope that, through providing our star clients with a viable alternate payment option as well as an additional layer of security, will elevate our appeal to even greater heights.”

Web Design Company in Melbourne

Star Digital Marketing is your go-to Web Development and Design agency in Melbourne. Our team of skilled designers and developers offer high-quality services that will exceed any digital requirements your business may have.

Whatever your needs, we have the right package to build your ideal online presence, whether you’re an artist, tradesman, retailer, or anything in between.

Statistics show that 78% of website credibility comes from design and that 81% of users are likely to return to responsive business websites. Given these statistics, it’s no surprise that businesses regard website design as essential to generating leads, attracting customers, and maximising their returns.

Our Web Designers in Melbourne will ensure that your website has a superior User Interface that will enhance the potential for conversion. At Star Digital Marketing, we design unique websites that increase brand and customer loyalty and ultimately drive action. We understand that individual businesses have different requirements, which is why our design packages are individually customised to meet the varied needs of small businesses to large organisations.

Our Website Design teams that are conveniently located in Melbourne, envisage, and develop visually impressive, high-conversion websites and branding solutions that will appeal to and engage customers across all age groups. Whether you’re looking for an eCommerce, Shopify, or corporate website, our skilled team will work with you throughout the web design process to create something not only beautiful but functional, precisely as you envision it.

Your website is so much more than just a compilation of words and visuals. It’s the centre of your digital presence and your foremost source of opportunity. If you want success online, it is essential to have a beautifully designed website, thoughtfully constructed by experts who are passionate about helping you achieve your full potential at an inclusive price point.

Star Digital Marketing is the go-to destination for all those looking for visually stunning, high-converting, and result-driven web designing. At Star Digital Marketing, we create and deliver innovative digital solutions that will help your business rise above competitors and boost your business ROI.

Our Star Digital Marketing team will help you create a:

responsive website with compatibility with multiple devices

Search Engine Optimisation favoured website to increase page views and sales.

A captivating website for optimal user experience

Tailored website for your target market

Our star Clients

By Heart Care​

SJR Linemarking​

Hamilton Skin Clinic​

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