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Corporate Blog Design

Unified Branding in Corporate Blog Design

Corporate blogs are a great way to get your business in front of potential customers. They can be used for everything from announcements and product releases, all the way down through informational articles about company initiatives or how-to guides with helpful tips on using their services!
If you’re looking to establish your company as an authority in the field, a blog may be just what’s needed. It can help position them at the top of search results and deliver solid brand awareness overall with its powerful SEO features
A website is often one if not thee most important part when it comes down between whether customers choose your service vs another provider’s product/service offering.

Client Focused Corporate Blog Design Services

At Star Digital, we believe that you should be in charge of your blog. We want to give all our Star Clients the opportunity for creative input and collaboration on their blogs so they can feel like a part of it from start-to-finish!

Our dedicated designers will work closely with you during every step along this process–from helping design what’s inside pages or paragraphs as well giving advice about how best present corporate images through content marketing campaigns while also considering target audience needs/wants when making final decisions

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Corporate Blog Designs Work

The design process for custom corporate blog is similar to the process we undergo in website design. Our team of highly experienced designers first create a prototype, then, depending on your plan, refine it until it passes our high standards. Our dev team will then code and integrate the design to your website or create it into a standalone corporate blog within WordPress. Once your blog is set up and configured, we further customise it with plugins to extend its functionality.
We always ensure that the blog’s design is unique but still captures the essence of your corporate website’s image. Consistency is key.

Star Digital Marketing’s Corporate Blog Design Package

Blog Design packages include the following:

  • WordPress installation
  • Custom plugins
  • Prototypes
  • WordPress modifications
  • Conversion optimization
  • Integrations and plugins (WordPress)
  • Dedicated design and digital marketing team
  • Fully customised design solutions from start to finish