Expert Tips For Online Growth

Marketers must adapt their strategies as the digital landscape evolves. To be successful online, you must employ cutting-edge strategies that are ahead of the competition. With that in mind, we have looked at some of the most insightful quotes from respected technology and marketing experts in the online space. These are meant to inspire and drive your strategies moving forward and to help you increase your ROI.

Let’s talk about blogs baby, let’s talk about you and me

When looking at social media networks that stand tall above the rest, Facebook and Twitter are neck and neck. Wrike’s Director of Content Marketing, Tom Treanor, says that blogs drive social media. If you want something that is sharable across your social media accounts and that gets people to pay attention to you for at least a short time, blogs are the way to go. While you could share what other people are writing, it is your own blog that is really going to bring people to your site.

Less talk on data and More talk on Your Website

Analytical tools should not be your sole resource for attempting to understand what your consumers want. This comes from John Marcinuk of Blue Fountain Media. He says that while there are plenty of tools to help marketers do the jobs they do, they should not be replacing the power of just trying to put yourself in your customers’ shoes.

Try to Make Your Content Evergreen

If you are putting out good content, then the timing of that content should not matter. The content you should be looking at making is that which will continue to hold value and keep performing well after its publication date. This comes from’s founder Brad Hines.

Make SEO Local at Times

If you do not have a presence on Google+, then you probably want to establish that. Emily Culclasure, who works at SEOWorks says that marketing your business locally is a great way to achieve faster and more secure growth.

Know Your Sales Funnel Inside and Out

If you know how users interact with your site and content and the process they go through to get from product awareness to making purchases, then you can make your sales funnel even stronger. This is from Kyle Birkemeir of Titan Alarm LLC. He says if you don’t have a grasp on what converts strangers into customers, then a lot of your efforts are going to waste.

Test and re-test and then test again!

While you may have a fondness for what has worked before, trying new things is the only way to keep growing over time and be successful in the long run. But as you implement new features and strategies, you want to test them and re-test them to ensure that they are working properly. That’s advice from Austin Paly at Blue Fountain Media. He says that if you implement additions to your site, you want to make sure that they function like they should, otherwise you will frustrate and drive off your customers.

Develop Your Website with Different Perspectives in Mind

If you want your website to appeal to different kinds of people then you have to get inside their head and try to think like they do. Jordy Ledesma from Information Providers says that getting your customers involved in the process of web development improves your strategy’s effectiveness. He suggests that you use a variety of customers (new, experienced and current) to get a variety of viewpoints. That way you can appeal to the most people possible.

Don’t Forget about Your Landing Page

The landing page is your chance to make a good first impression. If your landing page is well designed, then you can really make a difference in how new customers react to your company, says Jason Parks of The Media Captain. He says that having fast loading times and an attractive design really help to make your landing page appealing.

Recognize the Value of No-index Tags

If your pages are becoming indexed by Google then it can keep them from showing up in the search results pages. Vizion Interactive‘s digital strategist Shawn Cohen says that adding no-index tags on your old site can keep it from getting indexed and really help out your new site.

Know What Your Business Needs

Jonathan Mark of Blue Fountain Media knows that not every business should rely on the same model and tactics. He notes that it is vital that each business identify their own needs and act accordingly. The tools and resources that other businesses have may not be the right choice for your own business, and you always want to be pushing toward your goals and trying to implement changes that will allow you to achieve them. You also have to know the channels that are right for your company and for your customers. Maybe a large social media presence won’t make a difference with the kind of customer base you are targeting. Perhaps your customers are best reached through traditional advertising means and your site only needs to serve basic shopping functions. Knowing how to reach your customers and what they will respond to is far more important than trying to keep up with what other sites are doing.

Putting Great Ideas into Practice

If you hope to grow your online presence and reach a wider audience, enjoying greater sales over time, then you need to put these ideas into practice. Start implementing them just as soon as you can and make sure that you are doing everything you can to reach your customers in the most effective way possible. There are a lot of resources out there available for you to use, but you just have to know how they will best benefit your company and when to make use of what you have. If your digital marketing strategy is to be effective, then you need to rely on a multitude of core strengths and not just a single one.