Timeless Articles and Current Ones

Content is one of the most important aspects of any SEO and marketing campaign. While we would like to believe that all of the content we create is relevant to our customers, we must also strike a balance between creating content that users return to read and content that is more timely and current. Over the last decade or so, the way content is created and consumed has changed dramatically. Some of the biggest changes have been made to how content is used to entice consumers to click on the page and how the content serves search engine rankings. Give yourself scheduled time to post evergreen content, but also make sure that you are making news posts, social awareness articles and more. The real-time content will need to be created quickly to stay relevant, so you will want to keep that in mind as you plan it all out. Your calendar should extend a few months into the future. This gives you time to properly plan everything and ensure that you have wheels set in motion before you get too close to when another piece of content is due. You don’t want to be caught off guard and end up disappointing your consumers. You should start on the calendar right away. Before long, you will start to notice the benefits of creating varied content that appeals to different consumer bases. It should quickly become apparent how they are going to affect your page views and search engine rankings.

Timeless Content

Content that is considered to be evergreen is content that consumers will continue to click on long after it is published. This is something that can maintain its relevance long past its published date. As you create content of this type, you are looking to make something that consumers will need to use for years to come, and this makes sure you can continue to rack up page views without having to make new content. With evergreen content, pages con stay relevant for a very long time. They also provide a point of leverage for the production of more content. You can use that evergreen content as you make marketing campaigns. The information you have created can be broken down and distributed into bite-size pieces through various channels. You can even leverage larger pieces of content and take portions of that content to use on social media accounts. Any content related to that larger piece can be used to tease it and generate interest in your site. If interviews were conducted about the evergreen content, those can be used to draw in new viewers and maintain your site’s relevance without the need for additional content to be created. You can even conduct an entire marketing campaign using this method. By posting snippets to social media and keeping various media outlets interested in what you have created, you can continue to generate interest without generating new content.

Current Content

There is no denying the importance of evergreen content, but current content that is trendy and relevant for today is important as well. This gives your consumers content that pertains to what is happening now, and it can generate interest based on current trends and world events. This kind of content shows that your company pays attention to what is going on and cares about real-world issues. This sort of content is great for sparking interest on social media. Since you will be covering current topics, your consumers on social media will repost your content and create interest in your site and company. By having a plan in place to make current content, you can keep your company time and ensure a steady stream of visitors. You do want to be careful about how much of your output focuses on real-time content and reposted information. You might dilute your brand or lose focus on what makes your brand unique. You also don’t want to create content that isn’t serving any useful purpose. If you want to stay out of this kind of hole, you need to link your content to your brand. Give your consumers a reason as to why your company posting this content makes sense. The balance between real-time content and evergreen content is not the only balance you are going to have to be aware of.

A Balancing Act

There is value in both kinds of content as far as attracting new customers and increasing page views. So you should try to strike a balance between both types of content. What that balance does for your site is ensure shares on social media, create natural backlinks, provide long-tail link baiting, connect with customers and guarantee frequent posting. When you create more than just evergreen content, you are sure to get noticed by more people. Those people are likely to follow your company. Now the evergreen content has a place among your continual visitors, as they will want to keep coming back to the same content. But new content is important as well to draw in increasing numbers of new visitors. We have made it clear that both kinds of content have their place. So how do you determine which kind of content will bring in the most page views and when to post which content? You may want to establish a content calendar. This gives you a schedule to follow so that you don’t overdo it one way or another. It also ensures a steady stream of content. The calendar helps you balance your marketing efforts and ensures your content is of high quality and that it is consistent. It makes you accountable for what you publish while giving you the means to plan out your content. With this calendar needs to be a plan to incorporate social media in content posting. You should also place milestones for what you are going to publish.