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2Brothers Plumbing was co-founded by brothers, Dan and John, who collectively have more than 30 year’s combined experience in the plumbing industry. They offer a wide range of plumbing solutions, specialising in commercial plumbing, property maintenance and emergency plumbing services. They are the go-to Melbourne plumbers for any plumbing need.




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The 2Brothers Plumbing owners looked to the expertise of Star Digital Marketing to create and design a brand-new look and feel that captured both the essence of the businesses vision and purpose and engage the eyes of their prospective clients.

People have a certain judgement of plumbers, so we intended to create a friendly, honest, trustworthy approach and they website needed to better encapsulate the personalities of Dan and John. They needed to create a device responsive site that all different user personas could easily discover, navigate, see value, and convert.

From branding concepts to website design to heightened user experience, the Star team were on board to create their vision that conveyed 2Brothers Plumbing as the go-to plumbers in Melbourne.


The 2Brothers website was developed to refresh their branding image, showcase their credibility, and reflect the professionalism and valuable experience of the team.

With the addition of new informational service pages, geo-targeting locations and a new overall branding image and design to build on their current SEO foundations to increase search engine traffic and drive future growth.

We set out to create a dynamic and timeless design that the team could carry through the company’s life.
The Star team worked closely with everyone to ensure their branding message and unique selling propositions were at the forefront of all their pages.

Our approach was to convey a fun, professional vibe that captured the unique personality of owners Dan and John.

The site needed to attract everybody from people looking for plumbing services for new builds and renovations to commercial and civil works.

Approachable, professional, and relatable to everybody, it was important to have a content strategy where different user personas could navigate the site easily and have a powerful user experience to better guide and help capture potential clients.

Importantly to the team. Punctuality, professionalism, and reliability are a big selling point at 2Brothers Plumbing so we’ve weaved that throughout the site as well to encourage the community to be immediately drawn toward them.


Star Digital not only delivered a fashionable and powerful visual experience that captured the essence of the 2Brothers Plumbing offering but developed a new brand image and brought the new site into today’s trends of modern responsive design.
Content development, site structure has enhanced user engagement and prominent Call-to-Actions have also helped to capitalise on their current SEO marketing strategy resulting in increased conversions and clients.





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