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ABC Mini Excavations has been providing a specialised service for over 12 years now. When it comes to tight access excavation whether it be swimming pools, landscaping, levelling, digging trenches or small tree stump removal. ABC Mini Excavations has the digger or excavator to access down the side of a house or similar tight access areas that other diggers and excavators cannot match. With friendly and professional service, coupled with the experience and skill to execute your project, it’s no wonder ABC Mini Excavations are a strong name in the industry.




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When ABC Mini Excavations and Star Digital Marketing commenced working together the objective from the onset was clear. His current website was built many years ago and had no more love since it was launched. Having a website with no real design elements or value translated into the website makes it hard to persuade people to engage with you.

Although they have a strong client base, without basic functionality like click-to-call or click to email elements it was hard for them to obtain enquiries for new business as people do not take the time to copy an email address or phone number and paste it to enquire.

The website was built on a basic template which lacked any content or vital information they needed to attract ideal customers. It was more like an online business card than a professional, converting website. There were a lot of opportunities throughout this project we were able to capitalise on as there were so many missed opportunities to capture attention and engagement on the previous website.


Star Digital Marketing took a holistic approach and began this project by storyboarding the purpose of the website and who the intended target audience was. A team as knowledgeable as Star Digital Marketing within the realm of conversion and consumer psychology is exactly what you need for your new design and development project if you want it to be a success.

We needed to create SEO friendly content to add context to the pages, to provide useful information and to attract people through Search Engines. One of the most overlooked aspects of the website is effective communication. Ensuring the purpose and message is getting conveyed to the target audience is of paramount importance.
We needed to create an overall optimised experience on both a mobile device and a desktop computer.

A poorly designed website will experience poor performance and metrics, therefore will be less favourable in the Search Engine’s eyes, as well as perspective new business opportunities. We went about structuring an aesthetically pleasing website but ensuring ease of use as well as being engaging. A newly expanded navigation menu to include a gallery page showcasing the work the team has done, as well as a testimonials page of past satisfied clients. This creates authority and social currency and can help solidify the next conversion.


Start Digital Marketing knows that a websites layout is to support the goals of the website whether that is conversions via phone, email, brand awareness or any other goal. Since the launch of the ABC Mini Excavations website, conversions have greatly improved due to the fact the interactive layout on both mobile device and desktop has upgraded dramatically. The new user experience pathway has led to favourable data metrics and people can consume content in a much easier way, resulting in new business opportunities.

Feedback of the site has been positive both from our client and the ABC Mini Excavations clientele. Driving revenue is based on psychology, science, skill, and knowledge, from the entry point of a website through to conversion, and no one understands this better than Star Digital Marketing.





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