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Active Forklifts is an Australian owned and operated company with over 80 years of expert industry experience. They specialise in providing Sydney businesses and surrounding areas with the hire, repair, servicing and sales of used forklifts, pallet jacks, scissor lifts, storage racking and more. They only supply the best and most reliable brands in the industry including, Crown, Toyota, Nissan, Manito, Diecl and TCM. Their fleet comprises of petrol, diesel, electric and LPG models depending on the business’s individual requirement, and they cater for rough terrain as well.




Active Forklifts Australia homepage
Active Forklifts Australia homepage


The objective for the new Active Forklift website was to create an unprecedented change to the current structure, navigation, and representation of the brand through the website and to increase its digital footprint and competitive potential for future growth and profitability. The active forklift team were aware that when first time visitors we’re coming to the website the risk vs. reward scenario was not in their favour.

Their website was built on an old school template and was very busy resulting in a loss of content architecture.
They knew that to increase their success they had to build a new site from the ground up. They needed the skills that Star Digital Marketing possess to ensure their new website was ahead of industry standards. their value propositions we’re getting lost in translation and this was a problem they needed to solve to be able to better cater to their perspective clients.

Not being device friendly was another issue they faced from having their website being built so long ago. We knew from their analytic data that most of their visitors were in fact coming from a mobile device. Therefore, navigation via mobile was pivotal to the success of the design and development process


The approach Star Digital Marketing took towards designing and developing active forklift website was to understand the psychology of what would compel site users to convert. What were the most important things Active Forklifts were trying to convey to the market and how could we ensure they were laid out in perfect hierarchy to be easily identified.

Utilising the current branding colour pallet of orange, it was easy for us to deliver a website that provided a great overall experience across any device the visitor came from, utilising a royal blue as the contrast matched perfectly without being too aggressive. Utilising more of the web page instead of a basic template we have achieved a much more vibrant site with prominent call-to-actions.

The visual content we have included will be consumed a lot quicker which will have a more positive impression of the capability of Active Forklifts and quickly and effectively communicate why site visitors should become clients. We really wanted to deliver the right message to site visitors that we’re industry experts, we also go a step further than most in the industry by providing free advice, quotes, and no obligation. We made this knowledge accessible to help ideal buyers get the information they need by contacting Active Forklifts.


The Active Forklift team experienced positive rises straight away the new website, it is more dimensional and has driven more economic opportunities for the team. The user interface is simpler now as well as being user friendly and has provided more clarity to consumers.

Evaluating the data metrics since the launch of the new website has proven a result in conversions, time on site duration, and ultimately economic growth. The new device friendly design has captured attention for these visitor types which has produced higher lifts in almost every metric.





This Website is Designed to Fit Perfectly on Every Device.


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