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Traditional concrete footings are a thing of the past thanks to the team at All Footing Solutions. We have developed the innovative, 100% Australian Made ALLFOOT, which is a new technology that brings adjustable, easily modified concrete-free footings to the market.

All Footing Solutions has developed this versatile, concrete-free footing in Melbourne, and it is available to be designed, manufactured, supplied, and installed anywhere across Australia.

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The team at All Footings Solutions collaborated with Star Digital Marketing to explore opportunities for enhancing their brand’s market positioning through SEO. Their goal was to optimise their website to improve search engine rankings and ensure that it effectively communicated their unique offerings, capabilities, and portfolio of completed projects.

As a prominent player in the industry, All Footings Solutions aimed to strategise their SEO to tailor the website’s content and structure, addressing the needs and preferences of various consumer personas.

Star Digital Marketing, known for deciphering effective website changes and their impact, was well-equipped to understand consumer search and navigation patterns. All Footings Solutions could rely on their proficiency in optimising the website to enhance its SEO performance.


The approach for All Footings Solutions involved a strategic SEO campaign to boost their website’s search engine rankings. This campaign aimed to optimise the website’s content and structure to ensure that it effectively communicated the benefits and applications of ALLFOOT technology. By conducting comprehensive keyword research and content optimization, Star Digital Marketing worked to align the website with the target audience’s search queries.

The strategy also included enhancing the website’s user experience and ensuring it met SEO best practices. This entailed improving the site’s speed, mobile responsiveness, and overall navigational flow. Additionally, the content was fine-tuned to provide in-depth information about ALLFOOT products, making it more engaging and informative for site visitors.


The impact of the SEO campaign was noticeable shortly after implementation. All Footings Solutions observed positive results through improved search engine rankings, which increased their online visibility and accessibility to potential customers. The website now effectively caters to the requirements of visitors seeking concrete-free footing solutions, resulting in higher traffic and greater engagement.

By optimising for mobile and adhering to SEO best practices, the website has experienced improved user engagement. This, in turn, has translated into increased inquiries and interest in the ALLFOOT technology, allowing All Footings Solutions to expand its reach and serve a wider customer base.

The SEO campaign has positioned All Footings Solutions as a leader in their industry, making their innovative product accessible to a broader audience in need of reliable and efficient concrete-free footing solutions.





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