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Ambassador Industrial was established in the early 1980s and since then has built a reputation for the highest quality rubber extrusions, rubber mouldings, door seals and plastic extruded products for a wide range of uses.We have become recognised for our technical expertise, high quality, custom rubber and plastic extrusion and rubber moulding capabilities, as well as our commitment to customer service.If you have a need for custom made parts then we’ve got that covered too. We offer a complete service, from concept and design, through to the tool making and finally through to the finished product. This ability enables us to make a new product in the shortest possible time.




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Ambassador Industrial wanted to demonstrate its services in the most effective manner possible.

The company knew that they needed to improve their digital experience in order for it helps them optimise marketing efforts. They were having trouble getting the right message out there and missing opportunities because of this, so improving online channels was a top priority with how things are going at the present time until something new comes along or changes occur which might alter what worked before

Ambassador Industrial knew that their website needed an upgrade when they came across Star Digital Marketing’s work. The company is known for its cutting-edge designs and creative marketing strategies, which perfectly aligned with the values of Ambassador’s business—they wanted someone who could not only design but also understand what it means to be in the industry so as a result, it can effectively communicate value proposition on every platform where customers are looking!

They wanted to improve the website’s simplicity and compatibility in order to make it more user-friendly so that customers could find what they need quickly.


When we started telling a narrative with our new user experience and appearance, not just relying on the old template. That would be at odds with our unique style. We enjoy creating and developing one-of-a-kind websites that provide a distinct message and increase online brand recognition. The service was lacking on the old site, and the design had no influence on user opinions.We wanted to redesign the website, create a menu, and include some information and a service photograph. In a few seconds, first-time website visitors perform a ‘risk vs. benefit’ calculation, so emphasising Ambassador Industrial company distinctions and value propositions may help persuade them to become a client.Because we recognised that the site must be accessible from all different devices in order to be successful. Because the current traffic and improved conversion rates were more significant than any adverse effects on performance or appearance, we as designers of this website template had to ensure that whatever device someone uses, they can view material readily.With a clear understanding of the site’s data, our team designed a series of landing pages that were tailored to meet customer demands. We also created product information and descriptions which would not only satisfy users but lead them into conversion at an optimum rate!The content messaging strategy and visually attractive design was created by Star Digital with a product drop-down menu. The website was built using cutting-edge device responsive programming techniques on a WordPress CMS to ensure that it is visually appealing and simple to use.


Ambassador Industrial selected Star Digital to develop an exciting and one-of-a-kind website. Organic traffic, exposure, and visibility were maintained after a successful start.

To deliver on all Search Engine criteria and demands, our staff made sure that the site structure of Ambassador Industrial met all expectations and requirements. The user interface was developed with great attention to detail in order to provide a fantastic online experience that would assist visitors to locate what they want quickly.





This Website is Designed to Fit Perfectly on Every Device.

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