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Ames Direct is a reputable manufacturer known for producing top-quality polyurethane components. Their extensive product range encompasses rods, sheets, sleeves, vinyl guards, rollers, and wheels. With a steadfast commitment to Australian manufacturing, Ames Direct ensures the delivery of high-calibre products that adhere to stringent quality standards. Whether seeking robust structural elements or versatile materials for DIY projects, customers can rely on Ames Direct for dependable solutions. Experience exceptional polyurethane products that guarantee reliability and durability by placing your trust in Ames Direct.





Ames Direct, an esteemed manufacturer of premium polyurethane components, partnered with Star Digital Marketing, a leading digital agency, to elevate their online presence and create an exceptional digital experience for their valued clients. Recognising the importance of an enhanced digital journey, Ames Direct was determined to effectively convey their message and ideas to their target audience, with the ultimate goal of boosting sales and fostering customer loyalty. However, they faced challenges as their compelling value proposition and unique selling points were not effectively communicated through their outdated website.

To bridge the gap between their desired message and its delivery, Ames Direct turned to the expertise of Star Digital Marketing. Together, they embarked on a transformative journey to revamp the website, infusing it with engaging visuals and a user-friendly interface that aligns with the company’s core values and industry expertise.

The objectives were clear: to enhance the website’s aesthetics, improve user-friendliness, and optimise functionality. Ames Direct aimed to provide their customers with an enhanced and streamlined browsing experience, making it easier to find specific products on their website. Leveraging the expertise of Star Digital Marketing, Ames Direct embarked on a mission to develop a visually stunning and user-centric online platform that effectively communicates their brand message and drives remarkable business growth.

Through this collaboration, Ames Direct is committed to delivering an outstanding browsing experience that showcases their premium polyurethane components and solidifies their position as a trusted provider in the industry.


Star Digital Marketing took a comprehensive approach to enhance the online presence of Ames Direct, focusing on elevating their reputation, showcasing their credibility, and highlighting their team’s competence and experience.

To drive increased search engine traffic and expand on the existing SEO foundations, we implemented various strategies. This included creating new informative service pages and incorporating geo-targeted locations. We also developed a fresh overall branding image and design, ensuring a dynamic and distinctive visual identity that would resonate throughout the company’s lifespan.

Collaboration with the Ames Direct team was crucial in aligning their branding message and unique selling propositions, ensuring they were prominently featured on every page. Our goal was to create a professional and engaging atmosphere that also captured the individual personalities of the company’s stakeholders. With a focus on accessibility for individuals in Melbourne seeking polyurethane products, we devised a content strategy that catered to different user personas and facilitated seamless navigation, providing a robust user experience for potential clients.

Punctuality, professionalism, and reliability, which are integral selling points for Ames Direct, were strategically integrated throughout the website. By highlighting these key features, our aim was to entice visitors to promptly connect with Ames Direct and experience the benefits of their exceptional services.


Star Digital Marketing has made a profound impact on Ames Direct by leveraging our expertise in organic search traffic and conversion rates. Through the implementation of a new digital marketing campaign strategy, we not only maintained the existing levels of web traffic but achieved even higher conversion rates, leading to tangible business growth.

The strategic enhancements to the website’s page structure and user engagement have created a more interactive and immersive experience for website visitors. By focusing on improving the overall user journey, we have effectively increased user satisfaction and encouraged desired actions on the website.

With our tailored approach, Star Digital Marketing has made a positive and lasting impact on Ames Direct’s online presence. The increased conversions and enhanced user experience we have achieved have solidified their digital success and positioned them as a trusted and influential player in the industry.





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