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Aussie Toolboxes have been operating for over 12 years now, specialising in the design and manufacture of high-quality aluminium ute, truck and caravan tool and storage boxes.

David and his expert team design and manufacture on site in Melbourne. They cater to anyone who needs quality workmanship for storage solutions for their vehicle.




Aussie Tool Boxes homepage
Aussie Tool Boxes homepage


Aussie Toolboxes were looking to showcase their solutions to their customers the most effective way possible.
They knew that to create a better overall digital experience would in-turn maximise their current marketing strategies. Getting the right message to the right audience was a big focus for the project as their point of difference and value propositions were being a bit overlooked.

Unfortunately, as so often is the case, the concept behind the message is different to the message that’s being delivered. Aussie Toolboxes turned to Star Digital Marketing as they knew their website was outdated, bland and didn’t align visual elements or the companies value propositions and expertise in the industry.

They wanted to spice it up a bit and make a more user-friendly website and ensure easy navigation of particular products was a lot easier for his site users.


We needed to begin to tell a story, with refreshed user navigation and look and feel, not simply working off the current dated template. That would be counterintuitive to our unique process. We pride ourselves on building and crafting a custom site, pushing a unique message, and increasing online brand presence, the previous site was white heavy with a camo green focus. We wanted to maintain the colour continuity throughout the site but with a much lighter and engaging contrast. First time website visitors conduct a ‘risk vs reward’ scenario within a few seconds, so concentrating on Aussie Toolboxes commercial points of difference and value propositions would help to inspire a consumer to become a customer.

As most of the site visitors were coming from a mobile device it was critical to ensure optimal viewing across all different devices to ensure we took advantage of the current traffic and increased our opportunity for conversions and ultimately sales.

Having a firm understanding of the site’s analytics and data metrics, all design considerations were based on real data not opinions. Targeted landing pages, product information and descriptions were formulated to assist consumers needs and wants.

Star Digital developed the content messaging strategy and visually appealing design utilising a product drop down menu. We uploaded product images for visual appeal and to better sell the final manufactured product. Star developed the website with modern device responsive programming techniques on a WordPress CMS.


Aussie Toolboxes entrusted Star Digital to bring to life an exciting and unique website. After a successful launch, website traffic was not only maintained but increased through organic search visibility and exposure resulting in higher conversions rates. As Star Digital is the strategic marketing partner for Aussie Toolboxes, our marketing mixologists ensured all Search Engine expectations and demands were followed with site structure and user interface and of course user digital experience.





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