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Recognised as Melbourne’s most innovative dentists, Brunswick Dental Group are dedicated to providing a wide range of cosmetic and general dental treatments and services to their patients.Brunswick Dental Group provide an extensive range of conventional and contemporary dental and oral treatments.




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Brunswick Dental was seeking to use the most effective methods possible to show their services to their clients.

They recognised that building a better overall digital experience would improve the performance of their current marketing efforts. The team wanted to improve their marketing by expanding on two key areas: making the right message accessible to the right people, and ensuring that its content reached the most relevant audiences.

Unfortunately, the message’s underlying idea may differ considerably from the message being delivered. Brunswick Dental knew their website was out of date, uninteresting, and didn’t link visual components or the company’s value propositions with its industry expertise, so they contacted Star Digital Marketing.

They wanted to spice things up a bit, so they created a more user-friendly website with simple product navigation and easy access to the information you need.


We need to begin telling a narrative with a new user experience, not simply relying on the old outdated template. That would go against our unique approach. The previous site was white heavy with an uninteresting design, and we take pleasure in creating and producing a bespoke website, pushing a unique message, and boosting online brand presence. We wanted to keep the colour scheme consistent across the site, but with a more interesting contrast. Customers are likely to see specific offers that they like, and lots of these offer things they want. When a potential customer visits your website, they conduct a “risk vs. reward” assessment in seconds, so focus on Brunswick Dental’s commercial differentiators and value propositions to entice them to become a client.

With so many of the visitors to the site coming from a mobile device, it was critical to make sure that all devices were viewed equally well so that we could take advantage of the current traffic and boost our conversion and profits prospects.

Having a thorough grasp of the site’s analytics and data metrics helped to ensure that all design choices were based on real facts, not personal preferences. A minimal number of visitors resulted from the promotion. Landing pages were built with users in mind, and product information and descriptions were tailored to their needs and demands.

A product drop-down menu was used by Star Digital to develop the content messaging strategy and aesthetically appealing design. We used product pictures for aesthetic appeal and to better promote the end-product. Star developed the website with modern device responsive programming methods using a WordPress CMS.


Brunswicks Dental selected Star Digital to develop an innovative and distinctive website. SEO improves organic traffic by boosting website ranking and visibility, as well as exposure to Google’s search engine. Organic traffic was not only maintained but also boosted through natural search presence and exposure, resulting in improved conversion rates. Our marketing experts made sure that all Search Engine Expectations and Demands were met, as Star Digital is the strategic marketing partner for Brunswick Dental. Of course, user digital experience was taken care of as well.





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