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C-Coat products are ideal for use in residential, commercial and a range of industrial settings such as process and petrochemical plants, gas and hot liquids pipelines, transport, marine, mining, aerospace and defence.

Since 1999, C-Coat Insulating Coating Australia has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of adhesives and accessories for the plastic fabricators and shop-fit ting Industry. In mid 2013 they began studying and experimenting with ceramic coating materials based on nanotechnology.





The dynamic team at C-Coat Australia recognised the need for a website overhaul to align with their progressive offerings. The existing site lacked responsiveness and failed to effectively highlight their diverse product range. The objective was clear – breathe life into the website, making it a true reflection of C-Coat’s current capabilities, and establishing trust with both existing clients and potential customers.

C-Coat Australia, a prominent player in the insulating coating industry, aimed to partner with Star Digital to revolutionise their digital platform. The primary goal was to create a user-friendly website that facilitated seamless navigation within specific product categories. The previous design limitations were to be replaced with a modern and engaging interface, incorporating a corporate video and downloadable brochures to communicate crucial information to diverse user personas.

The overarching mission was to enhance the overall user experience, ensuring visitors stayed on the site longer. Generating leads, increasing sales, and bolstering C-Coat’s digital presence were key focus areas. The team envisioned a website that not only showcased their products effectively but also showcased their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.


The transformation journey for C-Coat Australia’s website involved meticulous planning and collaboration. Star Digital’s developers collaborated closely with the C-Coat team and external partners to integrate business process management software seamlessly into the website.

The Star Design and Development team adhered to consumer marketing principles, embracing the ‘3-7 seconds rule’ – understanding that trust and authority are subconsciously judged within this timeframe. The strategy involved creating a dynamic and timeless design aligned with C-Coat’s vision, prioritising the user’s needs.

Introducing new informational pages, refreshing colour schemes, and implementing a sticky header with easily accessible contact elements were crucial steps. The website was revamped to be state-of-the-art across all devices. The use of colour and negative space was strategically employed to guide users to the relevant sections swiftly.


The impact of the website launch was nothing short of immediate success. Clients and stakeholders applauded the redesigned platform, and search engines responded positively. The revamped structure allowed for a more intuitive flow through the main focus points of the C-Coat home page, reflecting the brand essence and facilitating seamless navigation for users.

The science behind conversion rates spoke volumes, showcasing a significant return on investment. The redesigned website not only met but exceeded expectations in terms of branding, enquiries, sales, and digital presence. Star Digital takes pride in being an integral part of C-Coat’s journey, contributing to the ongoing success of the brand.

In conclusion, C-Coat Australia’s collaboration with Star Digital marks a transformative phase, propelling them towards sustained growth and a thriving digital presence.





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