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Euro Truck Spares is Australia’s largest independent supplier and stockist of new aftermarket reconditioned and recycled Scania truck parts.

As Scania specialists, thtey know the brand inside and out. With over 125 years of combined experience in parts interpretation for Scania trucks and busses, they’llbe sure to meet their customers’ requirement the first time.





The goal of the Euro Truck was to provide the best possible platform for its clients to present their solutions.

They recognised that creating a superior overall digital experience would enhance their current marketing efforts. The objective was to effectively communicate the idea and message to a target audience in order to improve sales and build loyalty. Their primary value proposition, as well as their point of difference, was being neglected.

Unfortunately, as is so often the case, the idea behind the message differs from that which is delivered. Star Digital Marketing was hired to help Euro Truck modernise its website and develop a more engaging attention-grabbing experience for visitors. The company knew that its website was out of date, uninteresting, and failed to link visual elements or the organisation’s value propositions and industry knowledge.

They wanted to spice it up a bit and make a more user-friendly website and ensure easy navigation of particular products was a lot easier for their site’s users.


We needed to get a narrative rolling, and we didn’t have time to start from scratch. We couldn’t just maintain working with the existing interface templates because they were out of date. That would go against our patented approach. We take pleasure in creating and developing a bespoke site, pushing a unique message, and boosting our online brand presence. We wanted to keep the colour scheme consistent across the site, but with a greater amount of contrast. When a potential customer visits your website for the first time, they will conduct an instant risk vs reward scenario. The better you understand what makes Euro Truck unique and emphasise its value propositions as opposed to emphasising competitive features or pricing information; this could lead them into becoming customers!

As the majority of site visitors were coming from a mobile device, it was critical to ensure that all devices could view the material properly to take advantage of the current traffic and increase conversions and sales.

A critical component of understanding your client’s analytics and data metrics is knowing which design choices are based on real data, not personal preferences. The landing page, product information and descriptions were created with the client in mind to meet their demands and desires.

A product drop-down menu was used by Star Digital to develop the content messaging strategy and a visually appealing design. For visual appeal and to better market the completed product, we uploaded photos of the goods. WordPress CMS was used to develop the website.


Star Digital was entrusted with the creation of an exciting and unique website for Europe Truck. Organic search traffic was not only maintained but increased resulting in greater conversion rates after a successful debut.
With Euro Truck as our primary digital marketing partner, our campaign strategists made sure that all Search Engine expectations and demands were met with site structure and user experience. Of course, we took care of the user’s online experience.





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