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Australian Family Dental is a family-focused dental practice located at the busy intersection of Camp Road and Blair Street. With 10 spaces of on-street parking and also parking behind the building, you will never have to worry about finding a spot. At Australian Family Dental, we aim to bring the highest standards of care for our patients’ dental needs. Our focus is to provide timely, top-quality dental care to the entire family.

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The Australian Family Dental wanted to highlight its services in the greatest possible way.

They understood that enhancing their overall digital experience would help them better manage their current marketing efforts. The message needed to be tailored for each individual’s needs, which would allow them not only to see but also appreciate how much their business mattered.

The Australian Family Dental website was out-of-date, uninteresting and failed to align visual components with the company’s values. They knew that something had to be done about this! Star Digital Marketing helped them change all of this by taking on a new design project which would better reflect their expertise in dentistry as well add some excitement back to it. They wanted to make the website more user-friendly and easier to use so that people could easily find what they needed.


This website required us to think outside the box and come up with a new way for users to navigate. We did this by bringing back some old school design elements in order to tell a story through refreshed user experience.

The new site will feature a custom-built layout, an individualised message for each product/service offered by the company and a more attractive design so customers can easily find what they are looking for. The first time visitors to your website do a ‘risk vs. benefit’ analysis in a matter of seconds, so emphasising Australian Family Dental’s commercial points of difference and value propositions might entice clients to become customers.

Given that the majority of site visitors were coming from a mobile devices, it was essential to guarantee that all devices received optimal visibility and we took advantage of current traffic to enhance our conversion rates and sales.

Having a clear understanding of the site’s analytics and data metrics allowed all design decisions to be based on real information, not personal beliefs. The landing pages were customised to fulfil the demands and interests of customers. Service information and descriptions were created to meet consumer requirements and desires.

To create the content messaging approach and aesthetically appealing design, Star Digital used a product drop-down menu. The website was developed with contemporary device responsive programming approaches on a WordPress CMS to ensure that it is visually appealing and user-friendly.


With Australian Family Dental’s trust, Star Digital designed an exciting and unique website that would keep visitors coming back for more. After launching the site successfully into production mode with no issues whatsoever after months of maintenance-free traffic was maintained which then increased through organic search visibility leading to higher conversion rates.

Our team made sure all Search Engine Expectations and Demands were met by the site structure as Star Digital is the strategic marketing partner for Australian Family Dental. The website’s user interface was thoughtfully created to provide a great digital experience that would assist visitors to find what they need quickly.





This Website is Designed to Fit Perfectly on Every Device.

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