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Flotek are a specialised hydraulics machinery field service company that has 10 technicians in Melbourne, they are based in the inner West of Melbourne and are strategically located to provide fast and efficient access to their clients. Their professional services ensure that their technicians can quickly repair and maintain hydraulic components while on site, their main aim is to get your hydraulic equipment back up and running with as little downtime as possible.

If a business’s plant equipment and hydraulic operated machinery Is not operating to its optimal level, it can lead to machinery downtime, hazardous work environments, and excessive costs of repair. Flotek field service technicians are booked in for a proper maintenance inspection to identify any issues with the machinery, components, and parts. Whether it be fault finding, valve and cylinder repairs, hydraulic pump repairs to complete motor rebuilds, Flotek have the experienced technicians to get your hydraulic plant machinery back up and running.




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The main objective for the new Flotek website was to establish a better user experience to support their existing customers as well as potential clients. The website had not been updated since 2004 and was severely lacking in the latest technologies. Bringing this site into the 21st century was very important to the Flotek team as their website was not a real reflection of their core business.

Flotek required a lot of help with this website as there were several factors that were missing such as imagery, functionality, typography, colour contrasting, as well as not being mobile friendly. These missing fundamental principles were harming their business objectives. The team had a vision of what their perfect website would look like, to help engage their audience and ensure contact was made.

Flotek partnered with Star Digital Marketing because we understand that a great website delivers on its goals not just by looking good, but by driving the purpose of the website.


Star Digital Marketing understood that Flotek operated within a time sensitive industry, therefore it was pivotal that existing and new customers could make contact and engage with them as quickly as possible. The previous website lacked basic elements such as click-to-call functionality which quickly channels users into a conversion.
Flotek offer a range of services, and this was being lost within the basic site template they had. The usability aesthetic of the site was not driving interaction and severely lacked in content, this was not helping people find the relevant information they needed.
Creating a systematic website with discoverable content and links was something that need to happen, not only for the Search Engines and their existing marketing strategy, but for consumers to find and act on it. This change would ensure heightened navigation, that communicated the legitimacy and trustworthiness that Flotek have within their industry.
New search engine friendly content was created, and new images introduced to the site. Flotek are passionate about what they do so we created a blog section for them to pass on their knowledge to their visitors, adding more value was something Flotek were excited about.
We ensured the website was SEO compliant to help them be found by the Search Engines and the users looking for them. To make the website more visually appealing we developed the site using their branding colours, and tactically outlined where we wanted to direct the consumers eye, this also helped to develop a website that was aesthetically pleasing and usable.


Once the new website was launched Flotek received positive improvements straight away. Their website began to rank organically for important keywords on Google, and their existing clients expressed to them how much they appreciated the new website and how good it looked.
Flotek‘s enquiries have dramatically increased now that they have a perfectly optimised device friendly website. Working in a critical, time sensitive industry having click to call functionality has dramatically improved their conversion rates and ultimately clients.





This Website is Designed to Fit Perfectly on Every Device.

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