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Global Track Australia was established in 2005, they are an Australian owned and operated company that supplies cranes and hoists, as well as other lifting equipment to facilities around Melbourne. Global Track Australia boast a large state-of-the-art research and development facility and can customise an overhead gantry crane system based on your facilities requirements and workflow needs. Working with big names like Cadbury, Iveco, Ford, Yarra Trams and McCain, their knowledge and understanding of small to large scale workflows is second to none.




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Global Track have a strong reputation in the lifting industry for their experience and reliability of high-quality products, they have an innovative, unique, patented ‘Global Track System’ to assist the performance of any plant requirement. Their reputation comes from increasing the efficiency within the respective plant facility, however with such a basic website and lacking structure, this message was not being translated.
Global Track wanted their website visitors to understand the valuable benefits they can offer, from design solutions to ensuring a reliable and safe working environment. They needed their website visitors to understand that they were not just another lifting equipment specialist in the industry but provided a true customised solution for the facility’s needs.
Their previous website lacked trust. They were keen to include more visual assets such as video, past projects, awards, and press releases. Their website was also not device friendly which they knew was harming conversions, they needed to address this to ensure the user experienced consistency throughout the site and was easy to navigate.
Global Track Australia and Star Digital Marketing combined forces to create a new website to properly reflect their message, their authority, knowledge and ensure visitors became clients.


Star Digital Marketing has designed and developed 100’s of websites, from brand new concepts to upgrading poor performing sites. Our marketing mixologists understand what consumers need to act. We understand the methods, strategy and design that takes a visitor on a journey through discovery and engaging with a website.

A lot of ‘web agencies’ can make a pretty site, but a site needs to look good and perform. There is more to a websites design, flow, and structure than just fancy colours. Consistency, content, and image placement is incredibly powerful for visual design.

From the offset we wanted to create a more robust site that encapsulated the experience of the Global Track team, that meant creating and expanding on their current ideas and assets and organising them into an easy to consume framework that invited the visitor to connect for a deeper understanding of the requirements.

Attention toward the layout of information architecture was developed to improve efficiency and usability throughout the website. New menu navigation and specific targeted pages including interactive design would help attain focus with real users and result in conversions.


An absolute game changer for Global Track Australia, their website is no longer slow and truncated, on a limited template without direction. It is now a fully device responsive, fast loading site with visual assets and user experience at the forefront of navigation.
This website has been balanced perfectly between aesthetic design and practicality, which has in turn has led to an increase in engagement data metrics, conversions, and customers for a very happy Star Digital Marketing client.





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