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Greenleaf Cosmetics Australia have been working with established and emerging brand owners and retailers for over 15 years now. They work closely with their clients to develop, formulate, and manufacture eco-conscious sustainable cosmetics. They manufacture for the beauty, skincare, and home fragrance industries.




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As a professional well-known cosmetics manufacturing brand, Greenleaf Cosmetics knew it was time to move away from a Sqaurespace platform and move toward and implement a fully responsive solution backed by a WordPress CMS.

We were also tasked with updating and refreshing the brands logo to better represent the eco-conscious and scientific approach the company takes.

They looked to the expertise of Star Digital Marketing to explore solutions for accessible information architecture. Their goal was for easy content discovery by several unique audiences, as their site was lacking value offerings through the structure and interface.

Their design was thin, unengaging, and not reflective of the brand and solutions they offer. Greenleaf Cosmetics are driven by helping people and needed to align their visual assets and introduce storytelling into the design process with refreshed branding.

Building on a new SEO foundation, they sought for Search Engines to find and rank their content to increase organic SEO search results and boost conversions.
The Greenleaf Cosmetics team wanted their site visitors to be welcomed by an aesthetically pleasing site that created a unique user experience.


Greenleaf Cosmetics have such a fantastic manufacturing plant and offering, and their capabilities are immense, they needed an experienced and resourceful design and development company to make their vision a reality.

We ensured that their new WordPress website was built with SEO best practices in mind.
Site architecture, functionality and making sure the content presentation layout was easy to consume.
We created a new innovative product development processes page, incorporating necessary information and resources, this needed to be highly discoverable to show the valuable experience and method the company takes.

Star Digital Marketing believe a site can’t just look good, but is essential to function to grab attention, deliver and persuade site visitors toward your sites desired goals. To do this we storyboarded ideas with the Greenleaf Cosmetics team around the layout and navigation and structured the website in such a way that value was added as the user scrolled down the page.

Our website mixologists showcased their manufacturing product capabilities through the use of a drop-down menu, we then created new targeted product formulation pages with direct Call-to-Actions to encourage users to convert and make contact.


The Star Digital design masters know a website should be all about serving your clientele and prospects the best way possible. Star believes the most important person visiting your site is your customer. It is vital to allow users to easily navigate and find the information they need, and that translates into new business opportunities for you.

Thanks to our team the Greenleaf Cosmetics website launched without a hitch, they have seen a solid increase in both search engine visitors and most importantly enquires and sales. The website portrays the brands capabilities in a much-improved fashion and has allowed far more exposure for users across the search engines.





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