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When it comes to your health, you should never settle for anything less than the best. That’s why Health Tree is committed to helping you live the fullest, healthiest life possible. Whether you are dealing with health problems and need some help to treat them, or you just want to improve your daily health, they are always available for you. They are dedicated to providing our customers with the support, information, and products they need to improve their overall health.





Health problems can be frustrating and difficult to deal with, but looking for a cure or supplement should not be nearly as complicated. Unfortunately, Health Tree’s old website made it hard for users to find what they were looking for. The drop-down menus were disorganised, making it difficult to find the right information. The colours were outdated, the designs were uninspired, and the overall look was dated. As a result, potential customers quickly became frustrated and left the site without finding what they needed. 

Luckily, Health Tree looked to the expertise of Star Digital Marketing to create and design a brand-new look and user-friendly website. With this, they are now able to achieve their goal of reaching more people and helping them get the treatment they need for their health problems.


When Health Tree came to us, they were in dire need of help. Their website was outdated, user-unfriendly, and wasn’t achieving its goals. We knew we had our work cut out for us. But we also knew that we could rise to the challenge. 

Together, we worked tirelessly to update their website. We made it more user-friendly and helped them to achieve their goals. Now, Health Tree is able to provide people with the medicine and information they need to treat their health problems.

As mobile traffic continued to increase, it became clear that we needed to ensure the site was optimised for viewing on all devices. With more and more people accessing the internet from their phones and tablets, we were missing out on a huge opportunity if we didn’t make some changes. We knew that we needed to act fast to take advantage of the current traffic and increase the opportunity for conversions and sales.

So, we set to work making some changes to the site. Whether it was a phone, tablet or laptop, we made sure that the layout was optimised for all devices. We also ensured that the content was easy to read and navigate, no matter what device you were using. And, most importantly, we made sure that the buying process was as smooth and simple as possible on all devices.

Thanks to these changes, we’ve seen a significant increase in traffic and conversions from mobile users.


Health Tree was looking for a website design company that could create a modern and user-friendly website. They entrusted Star Digital to bring their vision to life and launch the website. The website was a success and traffic was maintained and increased through organic search visibility and exposure. This resulted in higher conversion rates. Health Tree is happy with the results and has seen an increase in business.





This Website is Designed to Fit Perfectly on Every Device.


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