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Jmax Engineering are a known, reputable player of high-quality, 316 marine grade stainless steel snorkels for 4×4’s. They cater for all types of popular brands of off-road 4×4’s such as Toyota, Nissan, Holden, Ford, and many more. Their expert attention to detail on the fabrication and finishes of their products are hand-made in their factory in Melbourne, Australia. They are a young, experienced team with impressive resources and unrivalled passion in the industry.




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The Jmax Engineering team felt their site needed a design and development team that knew more than just how to make a site look good, it needed the latest technologies and conversion principles built in to perform like it never had before. It was suffering on a mobile device and didn’t encapsulate what the Jmax team offer.

They envisioned taking their brochure website and transforming it into an ecommerce monster. They knew this was a big deal for the company to transition into online shopping capability and that a complete overhaul was to take place. Jmax is a brand people know, they trusted our marketing gurus to introduce their new clothing product line into the website, this was a big step in not only branding exposure but also an additional revenue stream within the company. Star Digital Marketing went about outlining and storyboarding with Jmax a site that increased trust, conversions, and online sales.

As Jmax engineering are a team of young professionals that cater to the 4×4 community, which comprises of a lot of weekend warriors having fun on their off-road adventures and camping with mates having fun. The target audience love their vehicles and installing a custom snorkel provides cleaner air which in turn enhances the engine performance and efficiency. Jmax wanted a site that represented them as fun, dynamic and professional, as well as being enthusiasts of the 4×4 lifestyle all while keeping within their current branding parameters.


Our approach to designing and developing the new ecommerce website required and understanding of the different user personas visiting the site, what they needed and required to proceed with a sale. We then applied a calculated approach to showcase the products in an easy navigational structured way.

We decided the most efficient way to drive visitors to the relevant, actionable information they were looking for was to immediately offer their selection of different makes and models that Jmax catered to. This ensured user navigation was streamlined and lead to less distractions throughout the site. Once people had selected their relevant make and model, conversion funnel psychology was introduced to support the purchasing decision and lower risk and abandonment.

We wanted visitors to open to a vibrant, dynamic site that explained exactly what to do once on the site. Our first image on the carousel banner includes a call-to-action element to ‘book an install’, which navigates through further clickable elements through a sales funnel. The image also highlights the top eight most popular brands amongst Jmax clients to help users quickly discover they have found a relevant solution to their want or need.



Since launching the new device friendly, completely improved look and feel ecommerce website with additional useful content, gallery, help centre, informational pages, colour pallets, contrasts, and other digital assets. The Jmax team has received such an increase in demand for their products and fabrication services that they now have a backorder to fulfil the workload, a great problem to have for this ever-growing team. Completely achievable because of the premium marketing team they partnered with to complete their project.





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