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Since 2004 Julz Auto Electrix has been trusted to provide mobile service and repair a large range of makes and models in and around the western suburbs of Melbourne. The teams friendly and helpful manner has ensured their reputation doesn’t go unnoticed. The team are qualified experts and focus on quality and fair pricing to assist their clients.






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Julz Auto Electrix approached us to design and develop a new custom WordPress website for them. Their old site was quite outdated and was in serious need of interactive user experience upgrades to help them not only increase their site traffic and improve business leads but to differentiate themselves from other competitors in the industry. The site needed to come into a modern age and attract well to a variety of user personas, be approachable, build trust and authority.

Their old website ranked very well online through a Star Digital Marketing SEO campaign, and the Julz Auto Electrix website already contained a perfect harmony of compelling user and Search Engine content.


Before the redesign, Julz Auto Electrix had an outdated site. They needed an updated website that reflected their mastery of their solutions and the vast services they offer.

Using WordPress, our development team created a new layout, design, and structure. As the site already showcased engaging SEO content, we were able to use information content placement and architecture to capitalise on the existing SEO foundations and attract more prospective clients.
A device responsive solution would ensure conversions no matter which device users were navigating on. Most of their traffic was coming from a mobile device, it’s super important to choose a company like Star Digital that excels in creating content that can be easily viewed across all devices and is thumb-friendly so users can easily interact with the site’s content and convert.
It was important to further educate users of the professionalism of the Julz Auto Electrix team. Our designers went about developing social proof and trust within the site to make them more relatable. We included testimonials and a banner highlighting important reasons for choosing Julz Auto Electrix. Interactive and engaging imagery throughout the site better serves the online community of the expertise of their team and increases their capacity profile.


The new Julz Auto Electrix website not only has a vastly improved design look and feel, it is highly functional, the layout and design are much cleaner and is also fast to load, which not only improves the user experience on a mobile device, but also helps them to keep ranking well in the search engines.

The new site offers a truly mobile-friendly experience, it’s easy to make contact and fill out contact forms and offers an interactive layout, while maintaining the well-established brand.
This superb design was easily optimised to attract prospective customers, as the sites digital presence was already positioned well, we needed to safeguard and boost the hard work already done.

Our strategic team wanted to add more depth and visual appeal to the pages and improve the site’s overall performance. We achieved all we set out to, and the smooth launch has led to positive measurable results.





This Website is Designed to Fit Perfectly on Every Device.

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