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KHD Landscape Solutions offer a wide selection of landscaping materials to help design functional and unique settings. Well-positioned to meet the varied demands of customers owing to extensive experience in the sector. 




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The KHD Landscape Solutions team was seeking a way to effectively communicate its solutions to clients. A way that would allow it to accomplish its goals while also being able to convey professionalism in every aspect.


They understood that producing a better overall digital experience would help them leverage their current marketing programs to their maximum potential. There were a lot of discussions about how to make the project successful. Given their point of difference and value propositions, getting the right message to the correct audience was a crucial element. The message is what makes them unique, so it was crucial for the project to get this right and ensure there are no errors or mistakes when delivering content online.


Unfortunately, as is often the case, the concept behind the message differs considerably from that which is delivered. Star Digital Marketing was hired by KHD Landscape Solutions to update their website, which they knew was outdated, bland, and didn’t correlate with the company’s value propositions or expertise in the sector.


Having a more user-friendly website was crucial for making it easier to navigate and find certain products on the site. They were looking for a way to give their site an update and make navigation easier. They wanted the user experience on this website to be as seamless, quick & simple so they could focus more time promoting products rather than struggling through difficult websites with busy layouts or long loads times.


We had to start telling a tale, with new user navigation and appearance, rather than continuing to work off the old outdated design. That would be counterintuitive to our unique process. We pride ourselves on building and crafting a custom site, pushing an innovative message that speaks directly to clients’ needs and increasing an online brand presence! 


 The previous site was Black with a mustard emphasis. We wanted to keep the colour scheme consistent throughout the site while also creating a much lighter and more interesting contrast. Because website visitors are generally searching for information, they perform a “risk versus reward” calculation in a matter of seconds. Concentrating on KHD Landscape Solutions’ commercial points of difference and value propositions may help to entice consumers to become customers.


Because the majority of site visitors were using mobile devices, it was critical to making sure that all devices had an optimal experience so that we could capitalize on current traffic and improve our conversion and sales rates. Having a thorough understanding of the site’s analytics and data measures, all design decisions were based on real facts, not personal preferences. In this project, we’ve made an attempt at targeting landing pages, product information and descriptions to match customer requirements and demands.


The persuasive content message was developed by Start Digital and incorporated a user-friendly drop-down menu. To make the website more appealing and to sell the completed product, we added product pictures for aesthetic appeal as well as to enhance conversion. The website was built using modern device responsive programming techniques on a WordPress CMS.


KHD Landscape Solutions enlisted the help of Star Digital to create a one-of-a-kind website. After a successful launch, the new website not only resulted in high conversion rates but also increased traffic through organic search visibility and exposure. 


As Star Digital is the strategic marketing partner for KHD Landscape Solutions, our marketing mixologists ensured that all of our Search Engine expectations and demands were followed when constructing our site structure and user interface, and of course when creating our user’s digital experience.





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