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Give your home or business a dramatic transformation – with Kustom Window Tinting! As the number one choice for glass tinting and window tinting in Melbourne, Kustom Window Tinting will take your windows from dull to dazzling with an eye-catching finish that is sure to make an impact. Their unique and innovative technology creates the perfect blend of clarity and privacy, so you can customise your windows to meet your exact needs. With how easy and fast their window tinting process is, you’ll be able to upgrade the look of your home or office in no time.





Kustom Window Tinting identified the need to upgrade their website as they noticed that it lacked modern aesthetics and was not mobile-friendly. This meant that they were unable to reach their full potential due to the lack of high-quality images and a lack of value being delivered to potential customers. For this reason, Kustom Window Tinting was determined to make the necessary changes in order to modernise the website and provide a level of service that allows their business to expand and flourish. The perfect saviour? Star Digital Marketing!

Star Digital Marketing has come to the rescue with the ambitious goal of creating the best experience possible for customers. Their website improvement project needed to not only give visitors easy access to the services they offer but also help Kustom Window Tinting reach its full potential.

Using state-of-the-art design techniques and modern technology, Star Digital Marketing was able to elevate the Kustom Window Tintings’ website experience to marvellous heights in both customer satisfaction and business success. Not only is it now mobile friendly, but thanks to high-quality images and improved customer user interface—converting potential clients into garnering customers has become a breeze.

Thanks in great part to Star Digital Marketing’s overachieving web development efforts, those seeking top-tier window tinting have one more reason to come back time again for all their needs—all housed in a stunning digital package.


Our team stepped in and gave this old website a complete digital makeover. This included making it mobile-friendly and adding vivid photos and images that draw in viewers with their dramatic colours and fierce imagery. Now, you can explore the world of Kustom Window Tinting without ever leaving your couch!

Star Digital Marketing makes things look good and function well. With our incredibly efficient user interface, you’ll have no trouble navigating the sleek mobile-friendly pages—we guarantee you won’t just be browsing but also learning more about the wonderful services offered by Kustom Window Tinting with ease.

We know how important first impressions are in the digital realm, so this process needs to be handled with mastery. We don’t mess around when it comes to digital design—for us, it has to be incredibly engaging for users and be driven by an adaptive experience both on desktops and mobile devices. Ultimately, we strive to create experiences that improve user accessibility and flow seamlessly between screens with no reduction in quality or performance.


Thanks to our digital makeover, visitors now experience the same level of artistry online that first grabbed their attention in person. With a properly optimised platform for google search engine responsiveness, Kustom Window Tinting can now engage more customers around the globe. The reward for success? A great increase in web traffic—proof positive that Star Digital Marketing is second to none when it comes to elevating your business into the digital world.





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