Laura Herman

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Laura’s artwork is a beautiful and unique expression of both her imagination and technical skill. Growing up, Laura had a passion for art and took it upon herself to teach herself the fundamentals of fine art. This gave her a strong foundation on which to build her own style. 

Today, Laura uses a variety of traditional mediums, but she has developed a particularly strong focus on oil painting. Through heavy brush strokes and gentle, circular motions, Laura is able to create a sense of movement and rhythm in her work. Her use of chaotic textures and peaceful backgrounds helps to create a sense of contrast and balance. As a result, her artwork has a sense of both chaos and calm, making it both captivating and beautiful.





Laura is an artist who feels passionately about her work. However, her old website does not portray her passion or her talent. The website was outdated and does not give visitors a sense of her style or her work. 

Laura wants to update her website to reflect her true self as an artist. She wants to create a website that is creative, and expressive, and showcases her art in the best light possible.

To do this, she came to us at Star Digital Marketing for help redesigning her website and increasing her online presence. We specialise in assisting artists and other creatives in developing an online presence that accurately represents their brand. She came to us with high expectations, and we were determined not to disappoint her.


When Laura came to us, she was driven by a passion for art. All she wanted was a platform to display her work and reach a wider audience. However, her website was outdated and failed to capture the true essence of her artwork. She knew that she needed to make a change if she wanted to boost her online presence. 

With our help, she was able to redesign her website and give it a fresh, modern look. We created a sleek and stylish design that highlights her artwork front and centre. Then, we used our extensive knowledge of digital marketing to promote her site across the web. Through our efforts, Laura has finally been able to build the online following she deserves.

Now, her work is getting the attention it deserves and she is quickly gaining a reputation as an up-and-coming artist. Thanks to Star Digital Marketing, she is well on her way to achieving her dreams.


With the help of our team at Star Digital Marketing, Laura has been able to connect with a global audience and develop a successful career as an artist. Her work is now being appreciated by people all over the world, and we’re proud to have played even a small role in making that happen. Thanks to our efforts, Laura’s website is now a true reflection of her as an artist, and her artwork can be enjoyed by everyone.





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