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Offering over 20 years of industry experience and the most up to date equipment and knowledge, their professional team have a solid history of success in their fields. ​LB Underground Service Locators provide sub-surface detection services to detect buried natural and liquid gas, telecommunications, water, power, drainage, and civil works. They use modern non-destructive techniques to determine the location of power cables, gas mains, telecommunications cables and water mains.




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The objective of the new LB Locations Engineering website was to revolutionise the current site structure, navigation, and branding representation of the website in order to expand its digital presence and competitive potential for future development and profitability. The LB Locations Engineering team understood that first-time visitors to the website had a poor risk/reward balance when they first saw the site.

Because of their out-of-date website, which was heavily loaded, they were unable to implement the content architecture and therefore lost much of the material.

They realised that in order to improve their results, they would have to start from the ground up with a fresh website. They wanted Star Digital Marketing’s abilities to ensure that their new website met or exceeded industry standards. The problem was that their value propositions were being lost in translation, and it was important for them to address this to be able to better serve their clients.

Another problem they had was that their website was not device-friendly, having been developed so long ago. We learned from their analytics data that the majority of their visitors came from a mobile devices. As a result, the design and development process required mobile navigation to be successful.


LB Locations Engineering was a time-sensitive company, so it was critical for current and potential clients to be able to contact and interact with them as soon as possible. The old website had basic functions such as call-to-action usefulness, which quickly directs visitors to conversion and an ancient design that won’t entice them.

LB Locations Engineering offer a range of services, and this was being lost within the basic site template they had. Because the site’s design was not appealing to users and there was no content on it, people were not finding what they needed.

Creating a methodical website that is discoverable and links was something that had to be done, not just for the Search Engines but also for customers to discover and take action on it. This would guarantee more navigation, which would demonstrate the confidence and trustworthiness LB Locations Engineering has in its sector.

The site’s design was updated to make it more search engine friendly, and some content together with new pictures was added. We decided to build a blog section for LB Locations Engineering since they are enthusiastic about what they do. Adding more value was something LB Locations Engineering was enthusiastic about, so we created a blog area for them to pass on their expertise to their visitors.

To assist them to be discovered by the Search Engines and users looking for them, we made sure that the website was SEO compliant. We used the company’s branding colours to create the website, and we strategically outlined where we wanted the consumer’s attention to go. This also aided in the creation of an aesthetically beautiful and functional website.


LB Locations Engineering observed a significant boost in business after the new website went live. Their online presence began to rank organically for critical keywords on Google, and their existing clients praised them for the updated website and how well it looked.

LB Locations Engineering enquiries have dramatically increased now that they have a perfectly optimised device friendly website. Working in a critical, time-sensitive industry having click to call functionality has dramatically improved their conversion rates and ultimately clients. Our marketing experts made sure that all Search Engine Expectations and Demands were met since Star Digital is the strategic marketing partner for LB Locations Engineering. User experience was also taken care of.





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